When purchasing a new point-of-sale system, it is normal to have several fears and questions, especially regarding safety and its implementation in your company. Indeed, the security of your point of sale should not be neglected since there are several technical aspects to consider.  

Is it safe to install a new point of sale? The processes for implementing new point-of-sale software may vary by supplier company. However, there are some issues that need to be addressed depending on the provider you choose, such as if it has recognized security accreditations, regular updates, their level of technical support, data migration and more.

It is important to understand that each company is different but the safety issues are similar. However, if you are looking at software installed on site rather than cloud software, you should consider additional aspects that we will discuss later. In this article, we will give you some tools to recognize secure point-of-sale software and ways to increase the security of your system. 

How Can I Be Sure That My POS Software is Secure?

In this article, we will explore some questions that may be asked to ensure that your point-of-sale software is secure before you make your purchase.

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1. Ask the Company for Security Feature Information 

Asking the company for security related information, such as the types of tests they have performed, and the built-in security features their system offers including security settings to help you make an informed choice. Some companies such as Alice POS have also passed an intrusion test performed by a third party company, a group of experts who comes to evaluate the security level of a computer system, which ensures highly secure software. 


2. Make Sure the Software is Always Up to Date

It may be useful to check with your supplier to find out if updates are automatic, regular and provided by your point of sale. If this is not the case, be sure to update and synchronize regularly to keep your system up-to-date and safe at all times. Indeed, it is essential to always ensure that you are using the most recent version of your system in order to reduce possible external threats that could harm your point of sale and your data. With Alice POS, updates are included in the monthly payment of the software and thus provide greater security for you and your company.

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3. Two-Factor Authentication

Some software, such as Alice POS, are more secure thanks to two-factor authentication. This means that two key pieces of information are required to access the system. In the case of Alice POS, you must have the installation key, as well as the password associated with a user (that must of course exist in the system). 

With Alice POS, you can also benefit from the ability to customize the mandatory content of passwords, such as the required length and content of passwords (e.g. special characters, capital letters etc.). Two-factor authentication remains an effective way to greatly reduce threats to your system. 


4. Increased Management of User Access

There are points of sale, such as Alice POS, that offer many functions to manage the various user accesses. Indeed, as an administrator, you have the ability to quickly delete and create users even remotely. This is key if you have new or dismissed employees to manage. User access management is a key security element offered by Alice POS. 


5. Technical and Ongoing Support

In the event of an unforeseen event or intrusion, it is always reassuring to know that a person is available 24/7 to deal with the situation and accompany you. A point-of-sale system that offers reliable support services reduces the anxiety that sometimes accompanies the implementation of new software in a company. Technical support that accompanies you throughout the process, from installation to software use, is an essential service. You can also check if the solution offers a tool that shows in real time the level of service availability (e.g. a Status Page).


6. Cloud Solution

Another important aspect to consider when buying a point of sale is to check if it offers a cloud-based solution. This allows you to protect your company’s data and make regular backups automatically. By being stored in the cloud, your data avoids being lost by major natural forces, such as flooding or fire. In addition, a cloud solution allows you to manage and control your business remotely, anywhere and at any time. If your software does not have cloud functionality and is installed on-site, you should be aware that you are at risk of data loss.

Alice POS is currently used in several countries around the world, including Egypt and Alaska. We have servers located in the United States and Canada. This point of sale system can also, on request, place a banner on any server and specify in which country the data can be hosted. Thanks to its cloud structure, Alice POS is more secure than performing local manual backups. Indeed, if your computer stops working or your hard drive crashes, you will never lose your data with Alice POS because everything is stored in the cloud on protected, remote servers. You will never need to make backups or worry about losing important information again.

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7. HTTPS Website

If you sell online, it is essential to have a secure site through SSL protection. An SSL protection is one of the most popular security protocols that creates a secure channel, usually when a browser has to connect to a web server. This protection is used in an internal network or when two machines communicate with each other on the Internet (source).

Some merchants develop their online store with existing solutions, such as Shopify or Ecwid (see page partners), which are solutions that allow you to sell your items online and ensure that the website is protected when a customer provides credit card or other confidential information. 

With Alice and Ecwid or Shopify, this feature is included by default with their site builders, but if this is not the case with the point of sale you are using, make sure you have SSL protection on your e-commerce site to help protect your data, information collected, and online transactions.


8. Data Migration 

To ensure that the installation of your new point of sale is fast and secure, data migration from your old software to the new point of sale must be done carefully. With Alice POS, you benefit from a simple and reliable migration process made by our team. We take care of importing all your products, customers and inventory lists, but our work does not stop there! We then ensure that we train your staff, from practical training of the software to the official use of Alice POS in your company. 

To learn more about Alice POS migration process, click here.

How can we increase the security of our point of sale?

Here are some tips to increase the security of your point of sale: 

1. Installing an Antivirus Software

It is very likely that your software is installed on a computer or tablet. Despite the fact that your point-of-sale system is highly secure, it is possible that some access or data on your computer itself may be subject to theft or intrusion. This is why installing an antivirus is a simple and important solution to reduce attacks on your computer that allows you to access your point of sale. There are even some protection software that can notify you if it detects a problem and directly initiate the system cleaning process (source). However, be sure to check with your supplier to see if the antivirus is compatible with the system you are using. 


2. Maintain Up-to-Date Point-of-Sale Material

In order to have an optimal security of your point of sale, the fact of maintaining your point of sale equipment, such as the sales terminal, the version of the tablets or the computer software is essential. Indeed, this increases security and ensures better performance of your system. For example, if point-of-sale software is compatible with Windows, it is likely that the software will not be able to use a version that is no longer supported for security reasons. 


3. Train Employees on Functionalities 

It is important to take into account the human factor, i.e. the errors that can occur and that can affect the security of your system. Proper training of your staff and regular use of passwords, secure access and other related elements can reduce the risk of software intrusion. Indeed, by ensuring that employees know how to use the system, it considerably increases the security of your point of sale. 


4. Restrict Employee Access to Certain Functions

Controlling the access of certain employees in the company is a simple and effective measure to increase the security of your point-of-sale system. Without effective management or access control, some employees may perform actions that could affect security and operations. Some examples of this include allowing employees to place supplier orders or access other employee’s confidential information. Therefore, by assigning each employee a user name, password and restricted level of modification in the system, the employee will still be able to perform their daily tasks without accessing confidential information. 

With Alice POS, you can benefit from all these features and more! It is possible to allow point-of-sale users to authorize access to certain information, without them having the possibility to modify it. Talk to one of our experts to learn more.

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