If you are thinking about changing your point of sale system or have just made changes in your system, you might have some questions about deploying it in your business. Here is how Alice POS ensures a smooth and secure POS migration process, but also adequate and personalized training on our point of sale software for your company:

  1. A Safe Data Migration Process
    1. Budget
    2. Industry
    3. Preparation
    4. Compatibility
  2. Obtaining Personalized Training 
    1. Assisted Training
    2. Ongoing Customer Support
    3. Ongoing Development
    4. Autonomous Training

1. A Safe Data Migration Process

When acquiring a new point of sale system, you may already have another system for your business and you might have some questions about what is involved in migrating from one system to another. Obviously, each company offering point of sale software has their own deployment strategy, but a prior analysis of your needs is required to make the right choice that will help you optimize your operations and reduce your costs.


First, it is important to determine the budget your business is ready to invest for a point of sale system. Each provider has different rates, which include different services. It is, therefore, appropriate to determine your needs in order to make an informed decision that will respect both your budget and your needs. 

Also, it can be beneficial to consider not only a point of sale’s technical aspects but also partnership aspects such as ongoing support offered by the POS company, after-sales service, their corporate culture or partners with whom they do business and that can potentially bring other benefits to your business. In addition, it is important to opt for a company that has your success at heart and that invests in developing solutions and strategies in this direction.

At Alice POS, we have a partnership approach with our customers for whom we can provide custom development. With Alice POS, you have access to different options regarding the plans offered, so that you can choose which one is more appropriate for your company. In addition, our plans are always transparent and have no hidden fees. The number of services and possibilities vary between plans, in order to meet several different budgets and needs. We also do business with numerous partners to simplify your operations, but also to offer you interesting opportunities.

You can consult our pricing page here to learn more about the different features offered.


Once your needs and budget are determined, you can search for different software providers to find the one that is right for you. However, be sure to choose software that is truly suitable for your industry. For example, some POS systems specialize in retail (like Alice POS), whereas others may be specifically made for the hospitality industry, restaurants or service providers. And within retail, you may find systems that are better adapted to smaller businesses, larger corporations, or specific verticals like sports, pet or clothing stores.

Each industry has its own specific needs and therefore some features are more necessary than others. Also, if you own a network of stores or a single store, you may need to consider different options. It is important to take every detail into account so that your software can truly help you optimize your operations.

Alice POS meets the needs of various retail industries, offering a multitude of possibilities with our software. Alice POS is also the ideal software for multi-site store networks, such as franchises, buying groups and corporate networks. As for single-store owners, Alice POS offers an all-in-one solution, which simplifies operations and management. Alice POS is useful for a large number of verticals such as video games, bicycle shops, sports stores and electronic stores. There are several other industries where Alice POS can be a tool of choice.

To learn more about industries where Alice POS plays an important role, click here.


In your current system, there probably is a multitude of information on your customers, your suppliers, your employees and your products for example. During migration, which consists of transferring data from your old system to your new system, it is important to make sure to keep your data transfer process simple. In this case, it is relevant to organize your data according to your future needs. Sorting out unnecessary data can be very useful. It is also possible to try the migration process of a few contacts for example, in order to find out in detail what the operation consists of and therefore better prepare for it.

At Alice POS, we have a “do-it-for-you” approach, making migrating POS systems super easy for merchants. Upon payment, your data migration will be carried out by our Alice POS experts, which allows you to focus on your store, eliminating a lot of unnecessary stress. We provide a simple and efficient migration process which takes about a week. However, the time required to migrate your data does vary according to your availability, the number of products, contacts, etc. Alice POS software is flexible and can adapt to your different needs. It is possible to customize the software according to what you need and our team will take care of it during the migration process. You can, therefore, enjoy a simple, worry-free migration!


If you are learning about migration, you were probably already using another system in your business. In this case, it may be relevant to check the compatibility of your old equipment with the new point of sale software. There are different terminals and point of sale software which work better together according to certain characteristics.

There are four types of point of sale terminals: legacy software, cloud terminals, mobile terminals and self-service terminals. Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is important to choose the one that best meets your needs and is suitable for your point of sale software.

To learn more, consult our article here.

Alice POS is a point of sale software that uses cloud technology, which has several advantages. Thanks to this technology, your data is accessible anywhere, anytime. You can, therefore, make informed decisions about your business on the go If you are the owner of several stores, being aware of all your stores’ success in real-time is possible with Alice POS. Also, our software works on a PC base and is compatible with Windows for the moment.

You can read more about Alice POS benefits for multi-stores here.

2. Obtaining Personalized Training

In order to consolidate the implementation of a new point of sale system, it is advisable to opt for a company that offers comprehensive training to ensure the success of the process.

Assisted Training

Not all companies receive comprehensive assisted and supported training when acquiring a new point of sale software, or even during migration. Assisted training allows you to find help from experts that ensure your deployment success.

At Alice POS, we make sure to train you and your employees. We offer several half-days of personalized and custom training for one or two weeks depending on your availability and needs. We also adapt our training to the type of store (single store, or for each store in your network) and industry. It is therefore easy to have access to an appropriate point of sale software training with Alice POS. We ensure the initial data transfer, as well as initial system configuration.

Our team is also glad to be at your disposal when getting started with the software on your team’s first day ensuring a carefree experience from start to finish. This is provided with a flat training fee (which may vary depending on if training is in-person or not). We are available to train store managers or trainers to ensure a successful migration and training process.

Ongoing Customer Support

Also, with Alice POS, according to your plan, you can benefit from phone support seven days a week. We can answer you in French or English. It is also our pleasure to assist you with your questions at any time through our easy-to-use support website, where you can send customer support tickets to our team. These tickets can be viewed at any time if you decide to create an account on our website, thus allowing continuous monitoring of your questions, but also the answers given to you by our team.

Ongoing Development

At Alice POS, our team is involved in your success, and we offer personalized development for your business if needed. Indeed, we can adapt the software to your needs, in order to optimize your operations. In addition, our team makes regular system updates, which ensures a smooth operation, while protecting your data!

Autonomous Training

Finally, different suppliers can give you access to online training or information capsules to help you use your point of sale software. It can be interesting to have access to this service because it is possible to save time or to consult it at any time.

Alice POS has developed various capsules to help you better understand various aspects of how our software can be useful for businesses. We also have a very complete support website which represents a powerful tool for doing your research, answering your questions or discovering new features for your store

POS Migration Made Easy

In conclusion, implementing a new point of sale software can be a challenge, but with the right tools, but most importantly the right software provider, the process is greatly simplified. It is therefore through migration carried out by experts such as our employees at Alice POS that your data will be secure at all times

Keep in mind your future needs and ambitions when selecting your point of sale software. Considering the potential of point of sale software like Alice POS, it is to your advantage to base yourself on where you want to take your business in the future and how you want to use this powerful tool to get there. By correctly assessing the situation of your current business as well as the desired future outcome, you will be able to make an informed choice, but above all to avoid having to reinvest in another system a few years later. 

Also, doing business with a company that cares about your success and truly understands your needs ensures that you start the process on the right foot. For the proper functioning of your software, it is necessary to determine whether the accessibility to training is sufficient, but also that the employees of the chosen company will be at your disposal and will be involved in your success.

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Related Questions

Where can I get more training for using a point of sale system?

There are different resources for obtaining online training but this depends on the company you choose as your POS system. Some companies only provide a customer support website, some provide articles, videos, a forum, and/or custom training. One of the best ways to obtain training is directly from your supplier if they provide it since this training will be more suited to your specific needs.

Is installing a new point of sale safe?

Everything depends on the supplier you have chosen. It is important to be informed before making a decision to migrate to a new point of sale, because not all companies have the same recognized accreditation in terms of security and not all companies offer several updates that ensure proper ongoing operations, etc.

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