Choosing excellent point-of-sale software can sometimes be difficult, especially for vape stores. Indeed, you have to take into consideration your own needs as well as the needs of your company to make the right decision. 

What are some necessary features in a point of sale software tailored electronic cigarette stores? Here are 9 features that your point of sale (POS) should offer to optimize your vape shop management: 

  1. Cloud Solution 
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Labels Adapted to Bottles 
  4. Custom Reports 
  5. Integration With Payment Processing Solutions
  6. Staff Management
  7. Updates and Security
  8. Ongoing Technical Support
  9. Ease of use

1. Cloud Solution

The ability to store all your data in the cloud allows you to remotely manage your business anywhere and at any time. Unlike an on-site installation, cloud software presents less risk of data loss due to natural forces (e.g. flood or fire). Storing your key data in the cloud also provides security by performing periodic backups, for example. Cloud software also allows merchants to centralize their information.

Since a cloud computing system requires an Internet connection to operate, an important aspect to consider before choosing a point-of-sale software is to check if it offers an offline function. What is an offline mode? It is an option that allows your point of sale to operate and record your data even if an internet failure occurs. This functionality is a beneficial element for the continuity of your company’s business, i.e. the ability to continue operations even without an internet connection. Some POS systems offer this option.

2. Inventory Management

In order to propel your electronic cigarette business into the modern era, it is essential to choose a point of sale with excellent inventory management. Indeed, tracking your inventory is a feature that can save you a lot of time and money. 

With software like Alice POS, you can benefit from a rigorous follow-up of your inventory thanks to automatic or manual suggestions of the ideal quantities to maintain according to your purchase history. With software capable of managing quantity or serialized products (specific products), you can benefit from a very accurate tracking of your stock. You will no longer have to worry about missing items.

3. Labels Adapted to Bottles

Vape shops sell small bottles containing a liquid that need to display specific information on labels, such as price and product description. Therefore, you need software, like Alice POS, that can print all the necessary information on a label that can fit these specific bottle shapes. 

4. Creating Custom Reports

Creating customized and up-to-date reports has many advantages. By closely monitoring what is happening in your company, you can analyze what works and what needs to be improved to increase operational productivity. Custom reports also allow you to foresee and prepare for any changes that may occur. With such reports, you will be able to see what is slowing down operations to make adjustments accordingly. Real-time reports can help simplify stock, sales, and employee management.

5. Integrated Payment Solutions

Having a simple and secure payment solution is an aspect that is too often overlooked by merchants when it comes to choosing point-of-sale software. 

What is the difference between a payment processing solution and a point of sale? The payment solution allows customers’ transactions to be processed, including credit card payments, while the POS allows billable sales information to be recorded and inventory quantities to be subtracted.

Payment solutions allow payment processing via credit or debit cards. They play a role after the POS records the transaction. It is important to note that, in most cases, it is not the point-of-sale software that offers this service: it is often supported by an external company. Indeed, many POS companies work closely with certified companies that offer highly secure payment processing.

In addition, make sure that your POS and terminal are semi-integrated. This feature is very important for many reasons. If your terminal is semi-integrated with your POS, it provides security by avoiding errors in entry, payment processing, and payment method choice at the time of sale. Choosing a POS that is already semi-integrated with your favourite payment processor can also save you costs. If the integration already exists, you can avoid development costs for this feature. If the software does not include this feature by default, it may result in additional costs for you and your company. 

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6. Staff Management

Your point of sale should be able to assist you with part of staff management. This is particularly important for retail businesses, such as vape shops, where there are employees who should have different roles and different access to the point of sale. For example, Alice POS allows you to configure different user’s roles and access. The software also provides close and continuously updated reports on employee performance. These reports are updated in real-time and provide information about activities within your company, such as employee arrival and departure times, sales per employee, busiest hours of the day, and much more!

7. Updates and Security

Continuous updates of your point of sale keep you on the cutting edge of technology in this rapidly evolving field. This is particularly the case for the vape industry. It is important to find out if updates are included in the price of the software or if they represent additional costs. Updates provide security for you and your company. Indeed, thanks to automatic updates, you will no longer have to worry about using software that will be outdated in a year.

 8. Ongoing Technical Support

24/7 technical support provides great security for you and your company and a reliable link to your point-of-sale software. When you implement a new point-of-sale system, it is essential to have available technical support to assist you and your team, whether by ticket or phone. Alice POS experts are always ready to assist you to offer you a pleasant experience and avoid stressful moments, from training to the daily use of your software.

 9. Ease of Use

This last feature may seem ordinary, but it should not be overlooked. Too often, point-of-sale software seems easy to use at first glance, but it is not always the case when you put it into practice. That’s why, before you choose your point-of-sale software, you should test it and make sure it meets your performance needs. 

A user-friendly system can significantly reduce the stress associated with the risk of lost revenue due to the system’s speed during peak periods. Quick search functionalities despite a large inventory, mobility (tablet), and touch capabilities are important features for fast and efficient management for electronic cigarette shops.

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