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Alice POS will have your back for invoicing and managing inventory, customers, rentals, repairs, promotions and reports among many other core features.

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sell in store and on the go

Sell in-Store and On the Go

Alice POS is a highly portable solution that easily centralise all your sales anywhere. Sell simultaneously in-store, online, or in Popup Shops, Trade Shows and Sidewalk Sales.

rent and repair

Rent & Repair

Alice POS can closely track rentals and repairs. If you do not offer rentals or repairs in your store, why not use these powerful options to increase your revenue!



Easily suggest similar or complementary products or services to your clients. Cross-sales help provide better service, keep your staff on top of their game and increase your revenue!

buy back and trade in

Buy Back & Trade in

Purchase items from your clients and put them back on your shelves for sale in no time. You could even trade-in, rent, sell, consign and repair in the same transaction!



Take items in consignment and offer your clients in-store credit or cash. This may be an excellent new revenue stream for stores looking for a powerful system to track consigned items.

package breakdown management

Package Breakdown Management

Easily breakdown a package of multiple products into individual items within your inventory to save time and energy stocking up!

decimal product management

Decimal Product Management

Sell products with a decimal value (weight, units…) in any unit measure you wish (items, kilograms, grams, pounds, meters…).

local products prices

Generate New Revenue

Save 10% on your operational costs thanks to an integrated POS (National Retail Association).

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Easy Data Migration
Easy Onboarding

Our dedicated team is there to ensure your onboarding and ongoing business will always be seamless.

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Batteries Expert

“[The team’s greatest strengths are their] willingness to work with partners to better the solution; an excellent ability to listen and understand intricacies in the day to day real life business processes, and ability to move forward in adapting the solution to our needs.”

Michael Grilli, Director
Batteries Expert

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" Alice POS offers excellent service, constant and quick development, a simple platform multiple workflow tools, a fast system, the ability to have several stations and sessions open at the same time, and many other things. There are no limits is to development possibilities! "

Patrick Léveillé, Owner
Pronature Terrebonne

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