Stay Productive During Covid-19 With Alice POS

Start Selling Online | Enjoy 1 Month of eCommerce Free*

If you do not yet have an online store, this is a great time to get started selling online! Alice POS integrates with a number of eCommerce solutions including:

* Contact our team to know how you can enjoy 1 free month of our eCommerce connections with one of our qualifying eCommerce partners. Offer valid for first time customers customers on a bridge between one of the above-mentioned eCommerce soltions and Alice POS.

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Promote Online Shopping

If you already have an online store this is the time to encourage your customers to purchase online:

  • Offer free delivery after customers spend a certain amount online
  • Provide customers coupon codes that are valid online only
  • Provide a sample or extra perks in shipments

Check Your Inventory

Our Stock Count module allows you to:

  • Take full or partial inventory of your store
  • Simultaneously count inventory with colleagues (supports several users at a time)
  • Easily adjust your inventory by adding or removing quantities

Learn how to here.

Setup Omnichannel eCommerce

Did you know you can:

  • Sell on Instagram with Instagram shopping
  • Sell on your Facebook page with a Facebook store tab
  • Connect to Amazon and eBay

And sell on multiple platforms while managing sales from Alice POS? Shopify, WooCommerce and Ecwid allow you to do this with integrated and paid third party apps. This is omnichannel retail, and it is a great time to get started.

Setup Cross-Selling Features

Alice POS allows you to setup cross-selling features. During the year you may not have had time to configure them, but they allow you to:

  • Up-sell customers
  • Provide better customer service
  • Provide employees ongoing training (automated)

Learn how to setup cross-selling in Alice POS here.

Audit Your Business

Audit your business and double check your KPI’s with Alice POS reports such as:

  • Inventory reports
  • Sales reports
  • Accounting reports

Learn more about reports in Alice POS.

Setup Customer Loyalty

Alice POS is integrated with Como Sense, a suite of next-generation customer engagement and personalization solutions offering a number of marketing tools. Some of the tools Como offers include customer management, loyalty, actionable data, a custom mobile app, direct-to-consumer communication, connectivity, and marketing integrations. Learn more by getting in touch with our team.

How Can We Help You?

If you believe there is an innovative way that Alice POS can help you through these times, feel free to let us know. We are committed to keeping you informed and, to the extent possible, becoming facilitators of opportunities for you. Just get in touch with our team below.

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Updates & Resources

The following resources can help you stay up to date as to business related Covid-19 news.





General Message to Our Customers Concerning COVID-19

Following the last measures taken by public health officials, we would like to inform you that we are taking the situation seriously in order to limit the risks of contracting the Covid-19 virus within our teams (remote work, telephone and virtual meetings encouraged).

Our concerns are directed to our customers for whom we remain dedicated and available to respond. Retail trade will unequivocally experience the tremors of this crisis. We are committed to remaining accessible and at your disposal for your training, support and development needs. In the coming weeks, we will roll out an update with lots of new features making Alice POS even more exceptional in its functions, focused on operational gain and increasing your revenue.

Please also be aware that we are proactive in paying attention to any form of assistance or solutions that can help provide the private retail sector (technological, resources, government grants or other). We are committed to keeping you informed and, to the extent possible, becoming facilitators of opportunities for you.

Our thoughts, our time and our heart sincerely accompany you through this situation.

Retail is changing and modernizing, and this crisis could possibly enhance the recognition of the value of local trade.

Charles Beaupré
President, CEO | Alice POS