Alice POS offers a multitude of advantageous features for retail merchants. These can lead to concrete improvements in store, which can be felt in time gained or even in increased revenue. In this article, we will explore the ways Alice POS can help you do that.

We will section off this article into 4 roles to give you a clear overview of the features:

Alice POS is a cloud-based point of sale system designed for store networks such as franchises, purchasing groups, and corporate networks. Alice is also an excellent starting point for individual stores looking to gradually scale their operations for future expansion. Alice POS was developed to help increase business revenue while also diminishing the workload of operations.

Our team at Alice POS can help personalize the system in order to better suit the needs and preferences you have for your store. To find out more, contact one of our commerce specialists.


Sales: Optimize Your Store’s Sales

Alice POS offers multiple features to optimize your retail store’s sales and ease your transactions. 

Here are the specific features of Alice POS which can maximize your sales:  

  • Sales
  • Cross Sales
  • Rent
  • Repair
  • Buy-Back and Exchange
  • Consignment
  • Used Items
  • A “Kit” and “Bundle” Feature
  • Gift Cards and Memberships
  • Store Credit 
  • Mobility and Centralization
  • A Tactile All-In-One Solution 
  • Semi-Integration
  • E-Commerce (API)


Selling with Alice POS is quick and easy. You only have to scan the product being purchased to start the transaction. With Alice POS, you can also offer repairs, rentable items, consignment and more, to increase your revenue. 

Our team can easily migrate your data from your current point of sale system to Alice POS, which can include, among other things, your products, clients, or inventory lists. 

Our team at Alice POS will be available to answer any questions you may have, offering support from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on business days and on-call from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., including on-call availability on weekends from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m., all times Eastern (UTC-5/UTC-4)

To learn more about what Alice can do for you concerning migration and training of personnel, visit Getting Started With a New POS.

Cross Sales

Alice POS can suggest similar or complementary products for your customers during the transaction. By offering these related items, your customers will tend to purchase more per your suggestion. For example, a customer is in the process of purchasing a shirt, and your system suggests to your employee that he should offer a matching tie to complete the ensemble. In 49% of cases, customers admit to having bought a product following a personalized recommendation despite them not having planned on buying the item on entering (source).

This feature will help you provide a better service, bring out the best of your personnel, increase your product visibility and consequently, increase your revenue.


Offering a renting service to your customers is an excellent way to create a new source of revenue. Certain customers would love to purchase a product, but only for infrequent or temporary use.

With Alice POS, you can manage your rentable items and even follow those currently rented by your customers. Alice can show you which product has been rented, the duration of the rental period, the client who is renting it, and much more!

This feature is particularly useful for shops specialized in sporting equipment, hunting and fishing, automobiles, and much more. You can put up multiple items for rent. For example skates, fishing rods, cars, tools, video games, etc.  

Alice POS can prove useful to multiple retail industries. Consult our web page on industries to find out more on what Alice POS can do for your business.


Offering a repair service to your customers is an excellent way to create a new source of revenue. Repairing damaged goods is a great service to offer your customers.

With Alice POS, it is possible to manage your repairs simply and efficiently. You can manage the personalized status of your repairs and easily follow up with updates for your client. For example, you could create statuses for your repairs like: in repair, repaired, and retrieved. This feature can be useful for industries such as hardware stores, bike shops, sports shops, and more!

To find our more about the different types of transactions possible with Alice, consult the invoicing section of our article 6 Key Features of a POS System.

Purchase and Exchange

Your customers may want to sell you specific items they think your store may be interested in, usually for reselling. Alice POS can help you easily buy and resell products with its feature for purchase and exchange. 

More specifically, with this feature, you can buy from and sell to a customer simultaneously. This could improve the speed of your transactions and easily save them directly into your system without the usual human errors caused by having too many steps.  


Having items in consignment can be an excellent way of generating new profits. The concept of consignment is quite simple; you take an item your customer wishes to sell and make it available for purchase in your store. Once you have sold the item in question, any profits are shared between you and the customer.

Alice POS helps you manage the items you have in consignment, also letting you personalize them. For example, you can set a general percentage for consignment in your store, making it a win-win option for both you, and your customers. This feature is particularly useful in thrift stores, pawnshops, video game stores, and any store wishing to offer this service.

If you are interested in offering consignment to your customers, contact our sales team. Alice POS will allow you to make consignments seamlessly.

Used Items

Offering used items can bring your store a significant advantage. Allowing you to sell items at a lower price will entice customers to buy and create more revenue, after all, not every customer has the same budget allocated to purchases. By offering a diversified product range with varying prices, you can potentially broaden your clientele.

Alice POS will help you properly manage second-hand goods. For example, the software will allow you to distinguish between “Used” and “New”  products, letting you note the condition of the items and assign reasonable prices to each. More precisely, you can create promotions to apply to their condition.

Do you know? The ReCommerce or Circular Economy approach is growing 5 times faster than off-price retailers, and 20 times faster than the broader retail market. Find out how Alice POS can help achieve more.

Gift Cards and Memberships

Gift cards represent a good incentive to offer your clients, ensuring they return to your store. The same could be said for memberships. By combining these two incentives, you can create new revenue streams and have a more loyal clientele. Alice POS allows you to manage any active gift cards and track the remaining amount on each.

Alice POS also offers the possibility of a membership program for your store. You can manage the program directly in Alice and personalize it to your needs. The adjustable options include: adding active discounts, creating scannable discounts, creating a bonus on exchanges, and changing the membership price.

Store Credit and Credit Line

Some customers can ask to pay by credit line while making more substantial purchases. These customers would then pay you at a later date. The amount that can be charged to a credit line can be set on a per-client basis allowing you to adjust it to your needs and the needs of your clientele.

Alice POS also offers a feature to issue and manage store credit. If you’d like to adjust your customer’s credit for specific situations, it is possible to adjust the store credit amount manually. You can even add a brief description detailing the reason for the credit adjustment of the selected contact.  

Mobility and Centralization

Having a fixed point of sale system can limit your sales. Your clients must come to you directly to finalize a sale. Luckily Alice POS is a cloud-based point of sale software, it is portable and centralizes all sales within your system, wherever you are, letting you go to your clients to sell your products and services, which can represent a significant advantage. 

With Alice POS, you can sell simultaneously in-store, online, at trade shows, and on the street. No matter where you are, it is possible to sell your products and services so long as you have internet access! What’s more, you can access your synchronized inventory at all times, no matter where the sale was made, as the inventory is adjusted in real-time.

In order to find out more on the cloud-based software Alice POS offers, contact our team now.


A Tactile All-in-One Solution

In your point of sale system, you must also have efficient hardware. Alice POS can work with touch-screen devices for your point of sale. You can connect through our partner resellers for an all-in-one solution to perform your transactions with ease on screens and tablets that are tactile.


Your point of sale software must be able to treat any transaction impeccably at the moment the sale is made. Errors in payment during the transaction, as well as payment type errors, must be strictly avoided. When errors occur, you can make your customers dissatisfied with their purchase experience. You can also make your employees lose valuable time while closing their cash drawer. 

In collaboration with our partner Moneris, Alice POS will help you avoid payment errors made at the moment of transaction. Moneris is semi-integrated with Alice POS. By using our software, you will optimize the performance of your point of sale. Alice POS is also semi-integrated with multiple point of sale terminals, including Moneris and GlobalPayments (available only in Canada).

To find out more about our integrations, contact our team.

E-Commerce (Ecwid, Shopify and WooCommerce)

If you wish to create a website for your store while still selling items, it is important to choose an E-Commerce platform. Having a website is an excellent way to make your store known and sell your goods across the globe at all times.  

Alice POS integrates with three platforms dedicated to E-Commerce, namely Ecwid, Shopify, and WooCommerce. If you already have a website for your store, you can also synchronize it with Alice POS through an API. Once your website is integrated and synchronized, you can manage inventory and sales in one place via our API (based on your chosen subscription).

Discover our list of partners and learn more about what their integrations have to offer.

Control: Completely Track Your Store

Managing your store is no cakewalk. It involves lots of planning, preparation, and supervision to ensure everything runs smoothly. This is why Alice POS was designed with numerous features to help you better manage your business and increase the efficiency of your store.

Here are the features in Alice POS tailored to give you greater control over your store : 

  • Inventory Management and Stock Control
  • Product Types (Serialized, Quantity, and Bulk)
  • Manage Product Disassembly 
  • Invoice Management (Sales, Purchases, Rents, Repairs, Refunds, Consignments)
  • Manage Supplier Orders
  • Manage Promotions
  • Manage Price Lists
  • Manage Employees
  • Manage Client Information (Customers and Companies) 
  • Manage Customer Orders
  • Manage Labels
  • Advanced Reports
  • Cloud-Based Solution

Inventory Management and Stock Control

Doing a thorough stock count is essential to determine the state, description and quantity of your goods. It can make the difference between determining the expected and actual quantity of your inventory. It allows you to find out just how much of your inventory is lost, stolen or missing due to involuntary errors. Doing this manually can take up a significant amount of time and lead to a greater chance of personnel-related errors. Alice POS lets you easily manage your digital inventory, giving you a real-time following of your current inventory. 

For example, with Alice POS, when you receive a purchase order, the items will already be registered in your catalogue, leaving you only to scan and enter the quantities received. Your items will then be saved into your point of sale system inventory.

A computer-based inventory takes significantly less time to update than a manual inventory. What’s more, the risk of human error in your inventory management is greatly diminished.  

Any goods sold are automatically deducted from your inventory at the moment of each transaction. This allows for automatic tracking of each item’s quantity available in-store. Additionally, Alice POS will follow your optimal or minimal quantities to maintain in your inventory based on the information set by the managers or the head office.

Product Types (Serialized, Quantity, and Bulk)

It is useful to know the different types of items a company can own, particularly to ensure optimal management of inventory.   

With Alice POS, there are three types of products : 

  • Products in Bulk: These items are sold in large quantities or according to no set quantity value (ie. by weight). 

Having this type of product in inventory is useful for businesses selling products in great quantities daily.  Whether by weight, measure, or another pre-defined quantity, with the ability to manage bulk products, it is easy to access the goods you keep in large quantities and replenish your inventory. If you sell products by weight, for example, this product type becomes interesting as you can sell its exact quantity. 

  • Products in Quantity: Each item is classified by a UPC code. 

Products set as quantity do not have a unique number for each item in inventory. This product type is used for generalized products, which don’t necessarily need each item to be tracked. These goods are often held in greater quantity in stock and do not have identifiers differentiating one from another as serialized products do. 

  • Serialized Products: These are items that have a unique inventory number. We use this product type when you would need to track goods on an item per item basis. 

Alice POS allows you to categorize, manage, and track all product types in your inventory. The software significantly simplifies management’s task of following changes in inventory with the classification of these three product types.  

Manage Product Disassembly

You may receive items in package form and would rather sell them individually. For example, a convenience store always receives sodas in 24 packs and then sells these by unit. 

Alice POS offers a simplified solution for product disassembly. Once you have created the parent and the child products required, scan the product package and our point of sale system will use the settings you have configured automatically for this package in the future.

Invoice Management (Sales, Purchases, Rent, Repairs, Refunds, and Consignments)

If you want to manage multiple types of transactions, it is usually necessary to have more than one software to follow the numerous transactions. Managing multiple software can certainly become costly to maintain long-term. 

With Alice POS, you can manage all of these transactions in one place. In a single platform, you can manage sales, purchases, rent, repairs, refunds, orders, and consignment.

To find our more about invoicing with Alice POS, read 6 Key Features of a POS System.

Manage Supplier Orders

Alice POS lets you create and manage supplier invoices. All supplier orders you place can be registered in the software, which you can then track. By following your supplier orders, you can plan any purchases alongside these. 

When you are almost out of stock for one item, you only have to scan the remaining product and indicate the quantity needed from your supplier.

Our team at Alice POS can help enter your suppliers’ catalogue to make it easier for you to create supplier orders and purchases in our point of sale software.

To find out more on our tailored development options, contact our team now.

Manage Promotions

Handling promotions for your business can quickly become complicated when you have multiple discounts active. A point of sale system can help you better manage your promotions. 

Alice POS allows you to manage your active promotions and set their start/end date. One great advantage of this feature is the fact that you only enter your products once within the software and can then choose which products you will apply a promotion to afterwards. You can create different types of promotions within Alice and activate these when needed.  

Manage Price Lists

You may have different types of pricing to manage. It can become complicated to attribute various prices, discounts, and more. Alice POS offers a feature to manage price lists, letting you create multiple price lists and add respective products to each. You can also add specific actions to each price list, dictating how the sales price is modified. For example, you can apply a discount to your price list. All products within the list will then apply the discount.

Employee Management

Having software to manage your employees is practical and eases the optimization of your operations. It can consist of a timesheet, an access list, a commission list, and a list of sales per employee. 

Alice POS offers all these tools in order to let you properly manage your personnel and follow up with your employees. Learn more how Alice POS can optimize your operations.

Manage Client Information (Customers and Businesses)

Knowing your clients is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction. It makes it easier to understand their needs and their preferences. This is why a point of sale system is ideal to manage client information, whether you are dealing with customers or businesses in your stores.

Alice POS lets you enter your contacts and categorize each of them based on their profile. You can personalize the profiles by adding information specific to each, which can include their email, telephone number, address, and much more. By personalizing their profiles, it will be easier to find their contact information and anticipate their needs.  

Manage Customer Orders

Customer orders are a feature created for the instance where a client would request an item you do not have in-store. In Alice POS, this module lets you follow every customer’s orders and associate them with their customer contact profile, which then allows you to easily inform your clients once their orders have been received. This way, you can ensure rapid service and, consequently, greater customer satisfaction. 

Once the item is in inventory, the clerk can consult the order module and see the item is now available. He can then contact the customer to let him know his desired item is in store. 

Catering to your customer’s wishes can bring them greater satisfaction and encourage them to come back to your store for your excellent service. 

Learn more about creating and maintaining customer loyalty.

Manage Your Labels

Alice POS offers you the possibility of formatting your labels to personalize the information on each. For now, you can adjust the orientation and the placement on the label itself. More options to ensure your labels are to your liking and display the information you wish to transmit to your customers are coming soon. 

Advanced Reports

Alice POS creates automatic reports which compile and organize the data for your store. This can include sales reports, inventory reports, purchase reports, order reports, and much more. 

By having access to numerous reports, you can closely track your store’s progression throughout a given period. This can help your business decisions and optimize your business activities. 

Cloud-Based Solution

With a traditional point of sale system, you must be on-premise to access your store’s data, a factor that can prove inconvenient for most managers.  

With a cloud-based solution like Alice POS, you can access your business data wherever you are, so long as you have an internet connection. You no longer need to travel to your store to check your data. Simply connect to your point of sale system, and you are all set. Particularly when it comes to owning more than one store branch, being able to access each store without the need to follow up in person is key. Everything can be searched online and from one place.

Alice POS is a powerful cloud-based point of sale system. Contact our team to learn more.

Growth: Expand Your Business

Your point of sale software is a formidable tool to help you expand your business. The success of a business is largely influenced by the organization, efficiency, and communication of its commercial activities. Alice POS can help you master these three pillars and eventually expand even further. 

Here is what a point of sale system like Alice POS can do for your business : 

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Harmonize Your Sales

Save Time

By using Alice POS, your business will doubtlessly save on work hours. By saving time, you can then focus on your next projects, develop new strategies, or work on improvements. For example, one of our users saves an average of 84 hours per year on the preparation of flyers.

Read the numerous testimonials by Alice POS users.

Save Money

By using Alice POS, your point of sale software will help you save money, regardless of the number of users, posts, or customers you have. Your cost will remain fixed to help you track your growth easily. 

Lower Operating Costs

Alice POS is a point of sale software designed to let you operate your store with ease. Alice POS can directly help you lower your operating costs. In fact, according to a study done by Intuit Market Research, a retailer with revenues of $300,000 can reduce their costs by almost 10%, saving them $30,000 annually simply by having a point of sale system.  

It is a great way to save money on costs and even redistribute these resources to your other commercial activities.

Harmonize your Sales

Alice POS is an omnichannel solution that harmonizes and centralises sales across your channels and stores.

Whether we are speaking of physical or digital channels, Alice POS will easily aid you in your transactions to optimize your sales.

Alice POS can help you significantly in your commercial activities. Our mission is to save you time, while increasing your revenue.

To find out more about what Alice POS can do for your business needs, contact an expert.


Multi-store: Manage Your Franchise Efficiently

Owning multiple stores can easily become a hassle to manage. Each store can have different prices, promotions, items, etc. Changing these details for each branch can become overly complicated and increase the risk of errors. Alice POS is designed for franchises, purchasing groups, and corporate networks. Thanks to the features in Alice POS, managing your stores will be simpler.

Here are the numerous features offered within Alice POS for your establishments:

  • Multi-Store Management
  • Master and Sub-Master Accounts
  • Local Products and Prices 
  • Management of Inter-Store Inventory Transfers 
  • Role Management
  • Multi-Store Promotion Management

Multi-store Management

Franchises, purchasing groups, and corporate networks have multiple locations to manage, which include various point of sale systems. The majority of point of sale systems are then independent from one another, thereby making it difficult to coordinate each to ensure the information harmonizes. 

Alice POS is designed for store networks and offers a subscription package that allows for multi-store management.

The main advantage of this package is to reduce your workload for price changes, catalogue import, and more. You will be able to make all changes directly from your Master account. Once these are made, any modifications go down to any stores linked to the Master store. 

This subscription is particularly useful for franchises, purchasing groups, and corporate networks. Any modifications are made once, and the information is distributed throughout your network of stores.

Master and Sub-Master Account Management

By using the Multi-Store feature within Alice POS, you can make changes within your Master store and distribute those changes to the other establishments that rely on the master store.  

Two accounts exist for when you use the multi-store network feature: the Master account, and the Sub-master account. 

The Master account represents the head office of the network. It contains all the information needed by the network. This account does the comprehensive management of all stores linked to it. 

The Sub-Master account works similarly but is considered a network within a network. It is part of a network but owns multiple stores within that network. This type of account is useful for owners of multiple franchise stores from the same network. With the Sub-Master account, you can modify the information transmitted by the Master account to better adapt it to your clientele if you wish. However, the Master account can allow or disallow this ability.

Point of Sale System in Multi-Store: Master and Sub-Master Account Management

Local Products and Prices

If you manage a franchise, purchasing group, or corporate network, you have multiple stores to manage. The local products and prices feature can help you offer exclusive items for different customer bases. Each clientele has specific needs. It is preferable to cater to these different needs to ensure a better satisfaction of your local customer base. 

Alice POS allows your stores to tailor their products and prices to meet their customer’s needs. However, the Master account must permit these modifications for the stores to have the ability to modify, add, and delete products and prices.

By offering goods and prices which cater to the needs of your local client base, your store will generate greater revenue.

We have more details on the inner workings of local products and prices in our multi-store management article.

Management of Inter-Store Inventory Transfers

It could be that you have stores that are much more dynamic than the norm if you own and manage multiple establishments. In this case, these stores could be occasionally out of stock for various types of products.  

Alice POS offers the management of inter-store inventory transfers. You will be able to transfer inventory between your stores. This feature is particularly useful if you’d like to transfer products to your store branches when they are short on inventory for certain products.

Role Management

With Alice POS, you can manage the responsibilities of your users. When managing your users, you can assign different roles and features based on what they need to access within the system. For example, your manager could access all features offered in Alice. Conversely, the manager could then limit his employees to using only the invoice and contact features. This allows for thorough management of personnel and ensures that their access levels and ability to consult data are appropriate for your business. What’s more, managing user roles increases the security of your operations.

Multi-Store Promotion Management

If you’d like to create promotions for multiple stores, Alice POS lets you create promotions directly within the Master account and transmit these throughout your store network

This can help you save time and increase productivity for your stores, which will not have to configure any promotions locally. Rather than enter each promotion individually for every store, you create one promotion and distribute it throughout your store network.

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I offer three subscriptions options. My Basic subscription is $69/month, the Advanced subscription is $135/month and the Premium subscription is $225/month. Each subscription includes different features depending on the model you choose.

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Can I have a demonstration of Alice POS to see if this system would suit my needs?

Yes, you can request a demo of my point of sale software and its features by registering for a demonstration of the software. My experts in retail commerce will show you how my system works while also answering any questions you may have. 

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