As the point of sale software Alice POS was originally designed to optimize the management of video game stores, you can expect to find features that have a direct effect on the industry’s day-to-day operation, such as the buy and sell of games, trade-in, rent, and consignment modules.

To this list, we are proud to add the full integration of the PriceCharting catalogue to our Alice POS system. This partnership comes in two parts, which will be detailed below.

Let’s start with a short introduction of our partner. Since 2007, PriceCharting has been recognized worldwide as the best go-to tool in the video game industry for the data collected on games, consoles, and accessories. While providing all titles that have been released on all consoles, from Atari to PlayStation 5, PriceCharting also stores UPCs and images of each. Most importantly, you can have access to their price comparisons tool from multiple stores on each item, allowing you to buy or sell an item at the right price.

PriceCharting and Alice POS

And now, here’s how Alice POS and PriceCharting are creating the perfect deal for their customers in the video game industry.

Free integration of 100,000+ products and images in your POS

For any yearly Alice POS license, we will import to the POS the complete and up-to-date catalogue managed by PriceCharting for free.

This catalogue contains a list of more than 100,000 products like games, consoles, and accessories, which can be integrated automatically into the point of sale software.

New products are imported daily in Alice POS.

The catalogue also includes all UPC and all game arts of these products. This is ideal for powering your eCommerce website while adding the perfect synchronization with your in-store POS. And if you don’t have a website, well, this is the best way to launch your online store really easily and quickly!

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Even if you already have your catalogue in place in your point of sale software, we will make sure to import the PriceCharting catalogue by updating all the data together with you.

This is the easiest and most optimal way to start the migration to a new management software because all the items you already have in store will be imported into the system in no time with all the right information, right from the start.

The included product catalogue is great for us as it is premade with images and UPC data for every item we already carry. Those same images help greatly if you plan to set up an online eCommerce store as you’ll save hours by not having to search for and upload images for your products.

– Will B.

Another important advantage of importing this catalogue as soon as you activate your Alice POS licence is your future inventory management. Everything will already be categorized, the descriptions will already be saved, and you will only have to scan your products upon receipt of your purchase orders to update the inventory quantities.

Learn more about the different types of inventory management systems, their advantages, and disadvantages.

Sync all your video game stores locations 

Alie POS was not only specially designed to meet the needs of game stores. It has also developed expertise in multiple locations store management be it a retail chain, franchises, corporate networks, or buying groups.

Of course, the free integration of the PriceCharting catalogue is sure to be beneficial for all franchisees. From its first integration into the chain “Master” store, usually the head office, the information will synchronize automatically to the other stores within the network.

As soon as a new franchisee enters your network, we will be able to update the catalogue and synchronize this data with all of your stores.

In addition to synchronizing this list, Alice POS offers many features that allow managers better control over their branches. Among other things, it allows inventory transfer between stores, price list management for all members, and provides managers of the parent company with real-time activity reports.

Access to current and historic prices on products

Today, if PriceCharting is recognized worldwide, it’s because the Hendricks brothers’ team never stopped maintaining a database of games, consoles, and accessories.

They also continuously worked hard to offer their customers a price list for each item. This additional option offered by PriceCharting requires a subscription.

This price list is updated daily. It pulls information from several web sources, giving you access to accurate and timely data. It’s become a necessity for you to find the right prices at which to purchase and sell a game, a console, or an accessory.

Being a partner of choice with PriceCharting, Alice POS allows the direct integration of this price list into the point of sale system. You can now see the price evolution of each item from the software, without ever having to connect to a second management system.

This is the optimal way to find the market price when offering buy and trade-in services. When a customer comes in to offer you a trade for a game, you can easily determine the base purchase and resale price.

For us as a game store, having PriceCharting directly integrated with our POS system is very helpful and efficient in the fact that we no longer need to use a separate piece of software to value an item in our shop. From this, we can know within seconds what something is worth and what we would be comfortable with paying for it for trade-in.

– Will B,


Sync your POS and your eCommerce site

Once the 100,000+ products have been successfully added to your point of sale software, you are just a few clicks away from being able to effectively manage an eCommerce website. With our partners focusing on e-commerce, we worked out a solution that allows your point of sale to connect directly to your website management tool like Shopify, WooCommerce or Ecwid.

With this bridge created between your point of sale software and the website, it is possible to automatically sync available products, inventory, and online orders in real-time.

You can even start selling on social media and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay while maintaining this synchronization when you choose the Ecwid eCommerce platform.

This is called the omnichannel commerce strategy. It’s the action of selling in many marketplaces at the same time, in addition to continuing to sell in-person, at the store. Leaving your consumer with a uniform and transparent shopping experience.

If you are more or less familiar with the omnichannel commerce strategy, read the article “Six Essential Strengths of Omnichannel Retail” to learn more.

Now, with the addition of PriceCharting as a major partner of Alice POS, video game stores doing business with us can maintain their competitive advantage when buying and selling games, doing trade-ins, rent, and consignments.

Also, if you are at all involved in the cards industry, you will be happy to know that PriceCharting is currently working on a trading card version of their list with the same concept of catalogue, UPCs, images, and price list adapted to this popular hobby.

I would highly recommend AlicePOS with PriceCharting integration to any other store that is looking for a way to simplify the buy/sell process and to save time!

– Will B,

It is by offering these kinds of integrations that we are one step closer to realizing Alice POS’s mission of modernizing retail with you.

With these features included, your point of sale software becomes the centralized system for organizing your business and allows for automatic connection to multiple tools that can optimize your profits and your time.

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