Alice POS and Raange Interactive Announce Strategic Partnership

MONTREAL – Earlier today, industry leader Alice POS announced a new product relationship with Raange, a Montreal-based marketing engagement platform that offers affordable SMS marketing for businesses of all sizes.

Thanks to this collaboration, Raange is now the go-to SMS marketing partner for Alice POS users, helping businesses boost sales by integrating Raange’s Marketing Engagement Platform with Alice POS’s point of sale systems. By unlocking actionable marketing data from their POS systems, merchants can now run more promotions to drive repeat-purchases and stay connected with their most loyal customers. 

Although competition is higher than ever, SMS marketing is still the most effective channel to drive customer engagement because of its 98% open rate and 25x ROI.

In addition, compared to Raange’s entry-level solution, retailers will receive greater features and scalability at a lower cost.

A Common Goal

CEO Charles Beaupre says that “Alice POS’ mission has always been to increase revenue for our customers. By harmonizing the physical and the virtual, by taking the time to understand the realities of each industry, we fulfill our mission. The association with RAANGE is a continuity of this objective. In a universe of notification, RAANGE stands out with its SMS promotion platform and Alice POS allows better profiling. This is just the start of a value-creating partnership.”

“Our partnership with Alice POS is a shining example of two companies working together to unlock useful data for their customers,” said Eric Nykamp, CEO of Raange. “With this partnership, our customers not only get the power of one of the best POS systems on the market, but when you take text messaging’s 98% open rate and near-instant engagement and combine actionable data from the POS, merchants can run very powerful promotions to increase revenue.”

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About Alice POSAlice POS is a cloud-based retail point of sale solution designed for multi-site stores such as franchises, corporate chains or buying groups, as well as individual stores that have the ambition to expand. Alice POS is built to increase revenue and save time while offering multi-store specific features such as inter-store inventory transfers, standardized network pricing, and advanced reports. Easily sync online and in-store sales with eCommerce integrations.

About Raange Interactive – Raange Interactive is an affordable SMS marketing solution for businesses of all sizes. Raange’s platform makes it easy to connect 1-to-1 with customers, send SMS marketing campaigns and grow marketing lists, fast and within budget. Their customer acquisition tools are the highlight of their platform: helping a client add more than 1 million new opt-in contacts to their marketing lists in only 6 months. Raange makes it easy to get started with SMS marketing and see continuous results.

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