Alice POS, a cloud-based point-of-sale software designed for multi-store retailers, is proud to welcome Presotea, a fresh tea beverage company located in Montreal, Ontario and the United States, as a new customer. 

Presotea offers a wide range of unique tea-related beverages freshly prepared in front of their customers. After many years of research and development, the company has invented a new tea brewing technology using high-pressure, high-temperature machines to extract the essence from the tea. With more than 10 stores across Canada and one store in the United States (Southern California), the company offers its quality products nationally. Presotea’s staff members have a professional knowledge of tea, a unique roasting technology, and unique skills in tea extraction and brewing. 

The use of Alice POS will allow Presotea employees and managers across Canada to use Alice POS features to help them grow their business. This represents a huge competitive advantage in terms of inventory management, promotions and personnel management. Alice POS also offers the possibility to save an invoice and finish it later as well as a new label concept made for the quick-food industry. 

Thanks to Alice POS, Presotea will be able to save a lot of time and money. Indeed, Alice POS is a new generation point-of-sale solution perfectly suited for store networks, such as franchises, corporate stores and purchasing groups. This software also allows network operators to have full control over their administration and activities, from pushing price changes to the entire network, to managing reports and accesses.  

Alice POS is a new generation point-of-sale solution for network retailing. It is perfectly suited for networks, offering a powerful point-of-sale system to merchants while allowing network operators to have full control over their performance and administration. The development of an easy-to-use interface for the quick-food industry that Alice POS has completed is a beneficial feature for Presotea.

In addition, Alice POS’s integration with Como Sense, a digital marketing platform that makes customer data actionable, provides the opportunity to drive business growth; a competitive advantage that Presotea can use. To learn more about this new integration, read our article here.


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