Curious to know what are the popular products in 2024? Each year, the anticipation of trends and popular products generates significant interest among retailers, as it allows them to track the evolution of new technologies and consumer lifestyles. As we enter the year 2024, it is natural to wonder: what are the products that will capture the attention of customers this year?

To better understand the trends of the year 2024, we offer our own product forecasts about popular products in 2024:

  1. Standing desks
  2. Smart trackers
  3. Phone tripods
  4. Air fryers
  5. Blue light-blocking glasses
  6. Augmented reality headsets
  7. Dietary supplements
  8. Automatic pet food dispensers

1. Standing Desks

With remote work still in full swing and showing no signs of disappearing soon, standing desks might experience a significant surge in popularity this year. Designed to promote good posture and enhance productivity, this type of desk is increasingly favored by remote workers.

Far beyond being just a trend, the standing desk has evolved into an essential tool for work-related health and well-being. Its adjustability allows users to find a comfortable position that minimizes physical strain.

The standing desk offers versatile use, leading to the reduction of muscular and joint pain, as well as the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. In a time of heightened awareness regarding the importance of physical health and posture, consumers are increasingly directing their choices toward everyday products that positively influence them. Don’t miss the opportunity to provide unique comfort to your customers by offering this popular product in 2024!

2. Smart Trackers

Smart trackers, such as Apple’s AirTags, are becoming increasingly popular among electronics enthusiasts. Whether used to protect luggage during travel or to track the movements of pets, smart trackers offer versatile features.

Their growing popularity can be attributed to their unparalleled security features. The advanced and precise capabilities of these trackers provide real-time location tracking. Additionally, the interoperability of trackers with other smart devices continues to increase, offering a smoother and more integrated experience for consumers.

Trackers are a wearable technology, easily integrated into daily life. If you own an electronics store, consider adding them to your inventory!

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3. Phone Tripods

The skyrocketing popularity of content creation apps, such as TikTok, has led to the widespread use of specialized tools. Phone tripods are currently experiencing a considerable surge in popularity.

Now that becoming a vlogger, streamer, or influencer is more accessible, these specialized items have become commonplace among content creators. Phone tripods are easy to use and provide improved stability, making a significant difference in content creation, especially for selfies and solo videos.

Consumers also appreciate the universal compatibility of tripods with all types of smartphones. For retailers, it’s straightforward: offering one type of tripod can satisfy a large number of buyers. Add them to your electronic accessories inventory now!

4. Air Fryers

In 2024, the air fryer is taking households by storm! This kitchen tool is revolutionizing the art of cooking, offering a healthier alternative to traditional frying. Designed to satisfy enthusiasts of crispy cuisine, the air fryer uses a heating element and a powerful fan to circulate hot air around the food.

Its benefits are numerous: quick cooking times, easy maintenance, and user-friendly operation are just a few. Consumers appreciate the crispy texture of their favorite dishes, along with the health benefits associated with reduced oil consumption.

With its enticing solution for balanced eating, it’s evident that this conviction appliance will continue to climb in popularity in 2024. It will become an essential ally for time-conscious and health-conscious cooks.

5. Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Another prediction for the year is the growth of the market for blue light-blocking glasses. This one might surprise you in a list of the most popular products in 2024!

Once again with a focus on health and well-being, these glasses reduce the impact of blue light emitted by our screens. This product is currently experiencing significant growth in popularity due to its ability to reduce eye strain and its potential to improve sleep. Blue light, especially in the evening, can inhibit the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

People are increasingly seeking protection from the harmful effects of the objects that are part of their daily lives, and they take the protection of their health seriously. It would be wise to follow this trend in 2024 and add this type of eyewear to electronic device stores. This represents an excellent cross-selling opportunity for your business!

6. Augmented Reality (AR) Headsets

In the realm of video games, the star of the show this year will be the augmented reality (AR) headset. Indeed, this electronic device has recently made its way into consumers’ households. There’s no need to visit specialized centers to experience it anymore!

Considered the future of gaming, the augmented reality headset enables players to have real-time interactions and unparalleled spatial tracking. With the device gaining popularity, the number of applications adapted to it continues to multiply. This rapidly growing market represents an excellent opportunity for video game store owners to keep up with technological advancements and further diversify their inventory.

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7. Dietary Supplements

A noteworthy food trend this year is the rise of dietary supplements. These popular products encompass both vitamins and minerals, providing nutritional support.

Supplementing one’s diet with simple capsules is not a new practice. Previously, dietary supplements were prescribed or recommended by a healthcare professional for specific nutritional needs or deficiencies.

However, social media has exploded the market, transforming supplements into a wellness trend. Health tip-dedicated accounts share several new popular products every week. The ascent of influencers and their impact on their communities’ product consumption has created a genuine craze around dietary supplements.

If you want to capitalize on this trend, we recommend thoroughly checking the quality of products to ensure the safety of your clientele and ensure effective performance. The significant number of brands and types of dietary supplements can be overwhelming; be cautious not to fall into the trap of deceptive products.

8. Automatic Pet Food Dispensers

The last item on our list of popular products in 2024: the automatic pet food dispenser. For pet enthusiasts, this year’s motto is automation. People are short on time, which is why there’s a significant increase in buyers’ interest in automatic pet food dispensers for their furry friends.

This trend towards automating pet feeding allows better portion control and provides a golden solution for busy and overwhelmed pet owners. Not to mention the positive effects on pets by introducing an activity into their daily routine, reducing boredom.

Consumers are becoming less deterred by higher prices when it comes to their pets. The addition of automatic dispensers, although costly, will be a profitable and advantageous investment for pet stores in 2024.

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In summary, the guiding principle within markets in 2024 is well-being! Don’t miss the opportunity to add the products from this list to your inventory. Feel free to leverage Alice POS to streamline your inventory management.

If you are among the market visionaries and these trends are already present in your store, now is the time to highlight them!

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