With Alice POS, access powerful features allowing you to optimize your daily work. Thanks to the integration of PivoHub with Alice POS, centralize your beer suppliers’ catalogs and orders directly in your point of sale software!

The PivoHub integration with Alice POS offers you synchronized suppliers’ catalogs, simplified order management, easy inventory creation, connected suppliers and more! 

This integration makes beer stores management easier in several ways.

In this article, see all the possibilities of our integration with PivoHub:

Synchronize PivoHub Catalogs in Alice POS

Access all PivoHub suppliers’ catalogs in your Alice POS. See all the products, their price, their picture, the bar codes (UPC), the number of the deposits as well as their description (in French and in English). The catalogs are automatically updated in Alice POS so you can easily consult them!

Moreover, this synchronization allows the records of suppliers connected to PivoHub to be created automatically in your Alice POS. No need to create them manually: the integration takes care of this task for you!

✓ View supplier catalogs in your POS software.

✓ Save time.

Synchronize Your PivoHub Suppliers in Alice POS

Access suppliers’ information directly in Alice POS. Products are attached to suppliers, making it easy to track what you need. Quickly see who the suppliers are for the products you have in stock. This is very useful when placing new orders! If you have any concerns, you have access to their contact details, so you can reach out to them without wasting time. 

✓ Get all the information you need.

✓ Get easy access to supplier contact details.

Synchronize Your PivoHub Orders in Alice POS

With the PivoHub and Alice POS integration, no need to fill in your orders by hand in your point of sale software!

When an order is made in PivoHub, it is automatically created in your Alice POS. In fact, your supplier order module in Alice POS generates all the beer products ordered through PivoHub, without any additional actions from you! Your orders are updated in real time according to the status of the order. 

This makes it easy for you to track your supplier orders made on the PivoHub platform in your POS system.

Alice POS also allows you to disassemble products purchased in volume into unit products, so when you buy a 24-pack of cans, you can disassemble it into 24 unit products. 

✓ Stop duplicating tasks.

✓ Optimize your inventory.

✓ Be more efficient.

Turn Your PivoHub Orders Into Inventory in Alice POS in Seconds

Your PivoHub orders are automatically created in your Alice POS and transformed into inventory upon receipt, so you don’t have to enter all your products manually. This is a great time saver!

This reduces the risk of errors. You have access to the status of your orders to ensure that you have received everything you ordered from your beer suppliers. 

Therefore, the integration of PivoHub with Alice POS allows you to work more efficiently and without wasting time.

✓ Reduce the risk of errors.

✓ Automate your inventory updates.

Import Product Specifications and Pictures into Alice POS and Your Online Store

With PivoHub supplier catalogs synchronization, you have access to product data such as names, dimensions, description, barcode (UPC), deposit value and even picture. This information comes directly from the supplier, so no fear, it is true, complete and of the highest quality!  

Alice POS’s synchronization with its partners, such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Ecwid, allows you to display on your online stores all your products with descriptions and pictures. With PivoHub’s integration, use the suppliers’ data to simplify your e-commerce items management.

intégration PivoHub

With access to images from PivoHub’s supplier catalogs, you don’t have to waste time taking photos of products, editing, and making the images accessible in your product listings. You have direct access to professional and ready-to-use images! 

✓ Create beautiful product listings for your online store.

✓ Make your omnichannel store management easy.

As you can see, the PivoHub integration with Alice POS makes it much easier for beer retailers! Inventory management is now a piece of cake, thanks to the centralization of supplier orders in the POS software.

Want to learn more? Request a free demo to see our PivoHub integration in action!

What is the price of the PivoHub integration in Alice POS?

Some of our subscription plans include PivoHub integration for Alice POS. Visit our pricing page for more information. Please note that additional fees related to a PivoHub account may apply. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for more information!

Can I make my PivoHub orders directly in Alice POS?

At the moment, orders must be placed in PivoHub. However, product descriptions, supplier information and your orders are automatically synchronized in your Alice POS. You also have access to all PivoHub supplier catalogs directly in Alice POS.

Who can see my PivoHub orders in Alice POS?

It depends on your needs! With the user management feature in Alice POS, you can restrict the access to the order module. Your PivoHub orders can then be accessed only by those who have the authorized accesses.

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