Alice POS has powerful features to make your business run more efficiently and effectively. 

OrderEase integration with Alice POS provides even more benefits:  

This integration is perfect for retailers of many industries including: garden centers, pet stores and hardware stores.

Synchronize Supplier Catalogs into Alice POS

With OrderEase integration, you can access your supplier catalogs directly in Alice POS. See all products including pricing, descriptions and more. Catalogs are automatically updated in Alice POS – all you need to do is look them up! Adding new products to your line-up has never been quicker or easier. Add the item to the supplier catalog and Alice POS is instantly updated. There’s more. The synchronization automatically creates supplier data in ALICE POS – avoiding manual entry and saving you time!  

✓ Easy one-spot access. Access all supplier catalogs through your POS.

✓ Up-to-date info. Catalogs are synchronized, automatically updating your POS.

✓ Avoid manual entry. Save time. Supplier data is auto-created, avoiding manual entry.

Auto-Generate Supplier Orders into Alice POS

OrderEase integration with Alice POS makes manually adding supplier orders into your POS system a thing of the past. Every end-consumer purchase made is dropped into OrderEase, where the information is then automatically generated into supplier orders and accessible in Alice POS. All items ordered with OrderEase are automatically generated into your supplier orders module in Alice POS. You can also access your order status in your system. Tracking your supplier orders from OrderEase with Alice POS is easy! 

✓ Automate repetitive ordering tasks.

✓ Improves order accuracy.  

✓ Track supplier orders.

Instantly Convert Supplier Orders into Inventory in Alice POS 

You now know that with OrderEase integration, supplier orders are automatically created into Alice POS. But what happens when this order is delivered to you? The items can be instantly added to your inventory without the need for manually entering every line item into your system. What a time saver! 

This feature also reduces the risk of error. You can review your orders, verify what was delivered and confirm pricing charged by your suppliers. 

Work better and smarter with OrderEase integration into Alice POS! 

✓ Instant order to inventory conversion.

✓ Improved order accuracy

✓ Up-to-date inventory with less effort.

Import and Synchronize Supplier Product Information into Alice POS and eCommerce platforms

There are so many benefits to OrderEase integration in addition to suppliers catalog synchronization! One of them is that you can use supplier-made product attributes and photos for your own product descriptions and image library. 

Avoid having to incur the time and cost yourself for product photography, editing and importation. Save time by synchronizing info directly from the supplier. Never worry again about inaccurate product descriptions and photos. Imagine how much time you can save by eliminating the manual entry associated with entering product info into your point of sale system! All the photos you need are now easily accessible at your fingertips!

Alice POS & OrderEase connected to e-commerce

This feature is very useful for online stores. Thanks to Alice POS integration with e-commerce platforms, all the product attributes and photos listed in Alice POS can be synchronized to your online store!  No more gaps or delays with information updates across all your consumer touchpoints. That’s an easy way to have a professional-looking online store, without adding more work for you or your team.  

✓ Link directly to supplier product attributes and photos.

✓ Synchronize info with ALICE POS and your eCommerce store.

✓ Up-to-date info across all consumer touch points for better customer experience.

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What is the cost of OrderEase integration with Alice POS?

The OrderEase integration with Alice POS is included in some of our plans. Please visit our pricing page to learn more. Additional fees from OrderEase can be encountered. Visit OrderEase Website for more details about their services. For more information, reach out to our team! We will be happy to help you.

Can I order from my suppliers on OrderEase directly in Alice POS?

For now, supplier orders are auto-generated within OrderEase and are accessible in Alice POS for modification and tracking. Your orders, product pages and supplier pages are automatically synchronized into your Alice POS. You can also see all the OrderEase suppliers catalogs in Alice POS, without having to leave our system.

Will all my employees get access to my OrderEase orders if they use Alice POS?

It’s up to you! Our multi-users feature lets you decide the access of each user. Depending on their role in your business, some employees can have access to your OrderEase orders, while others cannot.