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Multi-Store Specific Features

submaster accounts

Master & Submaster Systems

Master systems are managed by Head Office and SubMaster systems are managed by store owners with multiple stores within a network, saving copious amounts of time and effort.

inventory transfers

Inter-Store Inventory Transfers

If you have more than one store, easily and quickly transfer stock between branches. Enjoy simplified, quick communication.

standardized pricing

Multi-Store Promotion Management

Create your promotions once, in your Master or SubMaster account and push then towards your different stores to save time.

standardized pricing

Multi-Stores Standarized Pricing

Harmonize prices throughout your network by editing your price in your Master or Submaster account and pushing them towards your different stores to save time.

local products prices

Local Products & Prices

Your Network stores may sell their own products or wish to configure ther own price. Alice can allow the creation of local products and costs if allowed by the Master (HQ) account.

advanced reports

Advanced Reports

Enjoy access to advanced, personalizable reports all of yours stores.

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Choosing an excellent point-of-sale software can sometimes be difficult, especially for retail stores. You have to take into consideration your own needs as well as your business needs. It is a long process that requires a lot of time to make the best decision.

That’s why we present you with 10 Tips to Ensure Top Notch Multi-Store Management !

To learn more about 10 Tips to Ensure Top Notch Multi-Store Management, click here.

Easy Data Migration
Easy Onboarding

Our dedicated team is there to ensure your onboarding and ongoing business will always be seamless.

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Batteries Expert

“[The team’s greatest strengths are their] willingness to work with partners to better the solution; an excellent ability to listen and understand intricacies in the day to day real life business processes, and ability to move forward in adapting the solution to our needs.”

Michael Grilli, Director
Batteries Expert

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" Alice POS offers excellent service, constant and quick development, a simple platform multiple workflow tools, a fast system, the ability to have several stations and sessions open at the same time, and many other things. There are no limits is to development possibilities! "

Patrick Léveillé, Owner
Pronature Terrebonne

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