Alice POS is the Best Point of Sale Software for Video Game Stores

Alice POS + PriceCharting

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Complete Integration with PriceCharting

Free Catalog*

Access more than 40 000 products and their UPC in PriceCharting catalogs integrated in Alice POS. Use product pictures and descriptions for your own inventory or for your online store! PriceCharting catalog is always updated in Alice POS to give you access to the latest products released. *Free with our annual plans.

Prices Guide*

PriceCharting prices guide is fully integrated into Alice POS! Get accurate data in real time directly in your point of sale system. Quickly change your items prices in Alice POS according to market prices. Our integration even gives you levels of price accuracy! *PriceCharting subscription required.

Everything about our integration with PriceCharting

Playback Video Games

"Having PriceCharting directly integrated with Alice POS is very helpful and efficient in the fact that we no longer need to use a separate piece of software to value an item in our shop. The included product catalog is great for us as it is premade with images and UPC data for nearly every item we already carry. This simplifies our process!"

Will B.

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Powerful Features for Your Video Game Store

Buy Back & Trade-In

Buy used items from your customers to sell them in your store. Offer competitive exchange values, thanks to the PriceCharting prices guide integrated in Alice POS. Give store credits according to the used items' value. That’s a great way to get your customers loyalty! With Alice POS, you can manage buy-backs and trade-in for any type of items, such as games, consoles, and cards.


Does your store offer repair services? Alice POS is the software you need to manage them. Track the repaired items with the serial numbers and configure the status, the repair types, and the repair contract according to your needs in your system. With the workshop mode, quickly add parts, add hours, and update the status for the invoice. Managing repairs is easy with Alice POS!

Used Items

See how many new and used items you have for a single product in a blink of an eye. Give different prices to a single product, depending on if it is sold new or used. Choose the prices of your liking and compare them to the market prices found in PriceCharting. Alice POS is made to simplify used items’ sales and management!

Rented Items

Track all your rented items in Alice POS. Quickly see the current rentals in an automatically updated list. Thanks to our color alerts, you can spot late returns and add additional charges to the final invoice. Rentals are linked to specific customers for even easier tracking and management.

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Multistore Management

Is your video game store part of a franchise or a buying group? Are you planning on opening more branches? Alice POS is THE BEST point of sale system for multistores. Start promotions at the same time in all the stores, standardize prices across the network, share the inventory, and more! The head office gets access to data from all its stores, thanks to the personalized reports.

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Video Game Stores Love Alice POS

Play N Trade

“On behalf of all PNT Panama staff, we will would like to extend our gratitude for the quick solution on the Alice Reporting Request/Issue. We just finished reviewing all the new reports and they look good!”

Play’n’Trade Panama

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Jeux +

"We have had a great experience with Alice POS. They have interesting retail features and in my opinion, someone who doesn't use it would benefit from having it! The automation offered by the software greatly facilitates management. So this saves us not only time, but also money."

Sébastien Pageau
Jeux +

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Is Alice POS really the best point of sale software for video game stores?

Alice POS is the best point of sale software for video game stores! It is part of its DNA, as Alice POS was originally built for that industry. Our CEO, Charles, owned a big video game store franchise in Canada, called “Dimensions”, before selling it to PlayNtrade. Alice POS was created for his needs as a video game store owner. You can find all the important features needed for video game stores in Alice POS: trade-in, buy-backs, renting, repair, etc.

Alice POS also offers the best and most complete integration with PriceCharting. Nothing compares to that!

Since the beginning, Alice POS has served video game store owners well! With our all-in-one solution, our customers can effectively manage their stores and now have easier access to online sales, thanks to our e-commerce integration.

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How much is Alice POS with PriceCharting?

PriceCharting integration is free with our advanced, premium and enterprise plans. We also give the entire PriceCharting catalog for free with any of our annual plans. To get the prices guide, you need to have your own PriceCharting subscription. You can find their pricing plans on PriceCharting’s website.

What POS hardware is compatible with Alice POS?

Alice POS software is compatible with computers and tablets that run on Windows. For security purposes, we recommend using Windows 10 or 11. To see a complete list of compatible hardware, please visit our hardware page.

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