Alice POS is the ideal software to serve the vape industry. Our clients agree that Alice POS is an excellent software to serve the vape industry.



“Before with Acomba, we could see the inventories except that the reception was not well done: we sent our inventory to a store and the store had to manually enter the stocks into the system: this doubled the risk of errors. Now, thanks to Alice POS, inventory transfers between stores are much faster, more efficient, and there are fewer mistakes being made.” 

Marie-Claude Simard

What Vape & Smoke Shops Love about Alice POS

Inventory Management

Keep close track of your inventory with minimum inventory suggestions depending on your sales history and manual suggestions made by managers or Head Office.

Labels Adapted to Bottles

Vape shops sell small bottles containing liquid that need to display specific information on labels, such as price and product description. Alice POS can print all the necessary information on a label that can fit these specific bottle shapes.

Customizable Reports

Enjoy detailed, customizable reports including accounting, sales, inventory, employee performance and more.

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Choosing an excellent point-of-sale software can sometimes be difficult, especially for retail stores. You have to take into consideration your own needs as well as your business needs. It is a long process that requires a lot of time to make the best decision

That’s why we present you with the 9 strengths that an electronic cigarette store point-of-sale system should have to help you better manage your business!

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