Alice POS is currently deployed in Hunting and Fishing shops across Canada. It is an industry we know well and love.

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« Ce que j’aime d’Alice POS c’est d’abord l’excellence du service, un développement constant et rapide, la simplicité de la plateforme, les multiples outils de travail, la rapidité du système, la possibilité d’avoir plusieurs station et sessions. […] »

Dominic Lemay, President
Head Office


d'augmentation du chiffre d’affaires grâce à l’utilisation de la fonction réparation.

What Hunting & Fishing Shops Love about Alice POS?

Serialized Items

Track expensive or controlled items such as guns and high-end fishing gear closely with Alice POS’s serialised capacities. Serialised items are given a unique lifetime serial number that allowing you to track unique items with each entry and exit in your store.

Permits & Licence Sales

If you sell fishing licences or hunting permits, you will love working with Alice POS which easily manages sales and reports associated with such items.

Inventory Management

Keep close track of your inventory with min. / max. inventory suggestions depending on your sales history and manual suggestions made by managers or Head Office.

15 plus years in business

15 Years in Business

Solid proof of concept in various types of industries and networks.


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