Alice POS can help your business with useful features to optimize your activities such as inventory management, supplier orders, multi-store management and much more!

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“[What I love about Alice POS is] an excellent service, a constant and fast development, the simplicity of the platform, the multiple tools of work, the speed of the system, the possibility of having several stations and sessions. […]”

Dominic Lemay,
Owner, Pronature Ste-Croix


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What Features Alice POS can Offer you


Easily suggest similar or complementary products or services to your clients. Cross-sales help provide better service, keep your staff on top of their game and increase your revenue!


Take items in consignment and offer your clients in-store credit or cash. This may be an excellent new revenue stream for stores looking for a powerful system to track consigned items.

Serialized Items

Track items closely with Alice POS’s serialised capacities. Serialised items are given a unique lifetime serial number that enables you to track the item on each passage in your store.

Inventory Control

Keep close track of your inventory with minimum inventory suggestions depending on your sales history and manual suggestions made by managers or Head Office.

Sell in-Store & On the Go

Alice POS is a highly portable solution that easily centralise all your sales anywhere. Sell simultaneously in-store, online, or in Popup Shops, Trade Shows and Sidewalk Sales.

Gift Cards & Memberships

Easily manage gift cards and sell memberships within Alice POS. Offer your clients rebates or special perks for their fidelity.

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Au Bout Chou

"Alice POS has comprehensive and easy-to-use features. The software is user-friendly and the features can be adjusted to suit our needs. It gives me access to customer records, detailed inventory, credits, approvals, and even an ordering feature for try-on clothing at home. Using Alice POS saves me time as it is quick to learn and powerful!"

Manon Rioux
Au Bout Chou

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“The point of sale (POS) management software that we’ve integrated in our lottery kiosks was designed specifically with our needs in mind. Alice POS helped us to efficiently train employees assigned to points of sale managed by non-profit organizations throughout Québec. It was vital that we be able to operate some of the system’s features ourselves, but also be able to rely on a supplier for all the necessary support.”

Sylvain Henri, Director Retail Sales

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"With its ease of execution in the store and its user-friendly nature, Alice POS is a huge time saver for us every day, in all our stores! Alice POS's team offers great support and is open to developing new features. With all the customization possibilities, a company like ours gets all that is needed for a very affordable price."

Geneviève Soucy

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