Alice POS is the Best Cloud-Based Point of Sale for Garden Centers, Nurseries and Landscaping Stores

Alice POS

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Powerful Features for your Garden Centers

inventory control

Inventory Control

With Alice POS, you have unlimited inventory for no additional fees. Keep close track of your garden center's inventory: whenever you sell in-store or online, your inventory is automatically updated. With Alice POS, never run out of stock again. Our smart feature suggests minimum inventory according to past sales and manual suggestions! That way, you'll always know when it's time to order more product to keep up with the demand.

label icon

Serialized Items & Label Management

A garden center, such as yours, needs a powerful POS to manage a large variety of products. Serialize your items for better management and reports. You will love Alice POS's label management feature for your garden center, as it lets you format your labels for complex and Latin names. You can also categorize your items in the software to make your (and the cashier's!) daily work much easier.

rented items icon

Rented Items and Additional Services

Diversify your source of revenue by renting gardening or landscaping tools to your customers. With Alice POS, rented items are easy to manage directly into your point of sale system. Do you offer additional services, such as landscaping services? If so, that's great! Those transactions can also be managed in Alice POS. You have access to all the features you need to manage your garden center efficiently.

multistore icon

Multistore Management

Is your garden center part of a franchise or a buying group? Are you planning on opening more branches? Alice POS is THE BEST point of sale system for multistores. Start promotions at the same time in all the stores, standardize prices across the network, share the inventory, and more! The head office gets access to data from all its stores, thanks to the personalized reports.

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orderease logo in color

OrderEase Catalogues Integration for Garden Centers


✓ Synchronize all supplier catalogs into Alice POS.

✓ Auto-generate supplier orders into Alice POS.

✓ Instantly convert supplier orders into inventory in Alice POS.

✓ Synchronize supplier product info and images into Alice POS and eCommerce.

Learn all about integration with OrderEase.


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More Relevant Integrations for Garden Centers

ecommerce platforms

Ecommerce platforms

Connect your online shop with Alice POS. Sync your inventory, sales, orders and more! Everything is at the same place. Thanks to the OrderEase integration, import product pictures and descriptions from the supplier into your online shop. Think of all the time you will save! Alice POS integrates with many ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Woo Commerce and Ecwid.

payment solutions

Payment solutions

Offer various payment methods to your customers, thanks to our partners like Moneris and Global Payments. Our software supports payment methods, such as cash, credit, debit and gift cards. With Alice POS, you can rest assured that all transactions are secured. That's something your customers will surely be happy about!

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Retailers love Alice POS

Jardin Eden

"We were looking for a secure POS system that would meet our needs as we have lost data in the past. With its cloud-based solution, Alice POS offers us additional protection since information is automatically backed up on different servers.

Alice POS allows us to quickly access our inventory catalog, manage pre-orders and easily create invoices. In addition, Alice's customer service is always there to answer our questions at critical moments."

Frédéric Lavoie
Jardin Eden

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Mont SM

“Alice POS allows us to closely monitor our inventory, our sales, and above all, manage mountain bike rentals. This is a complete software that saves me about four hours a week in administration and accounting. The system is also intuitive and easy to use, training is done easily and in just a few hours. Thanks to its cloud-based technology, I can complete administrative tasks outside of my office. Finally, we are happy to be able to use a point of sale software from our province and to work with humans!"

Marie-Évelyne Hallé, Development Coordinator
(photo by Judicael Aspirot, athlete Maxime Pilon)

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How much is Alice POS?

Alice POS costs between $69 and $250 per month, depending on what you need. You get the best value for money. You get access to our powerful features for competitive prices, with no hidden fees. For more details on our different pricing plans, please visit our pricing page.

Why should I get Alice POS for my garden center?

Alice POS’s features are made for your garden center’s needs! We integrate with partners, such as OrderEase, to make your work easier. You even have access to unlimited inventory without additional fees! Ask for your free demo to learn more about what makes Alice POS the best point of sale for garden centers.

Can I import data from my old point of sale system to Alice POS?

Sure! When you start with Alice POS, you can import data from your old system. Our team can even help with that process! All our new clients get training to use Alice POS. We also offer quick support when needed.

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