Alice POS is designed to offer a variety of store management options suitable for bike shops.

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” Taking inventory is much more efficient and with the amount of time saved, we have more time to do our other tasks. We feel that we have greater vision and control over what is happening in our business. ”

François Pigeon,
Boutique D-Chaîné

What Bike Shops Love about Alice POS

Inventory Control

Keep close track of your inventory with minimum inventory suggestions depending on your sales history and manual suggestions made by managers or Head Office.

Customizable Reports

Enjoy detailed, customizable reports including accounting, sales, inventory, employee performance and more.

Sell in-Store and On the Go

Alice POS is a highly portable solution that easily centralise all your sales anywhere. Sell simultaneously in-store, online, or in Popup Shops, Trade Shows and Sidewalk Sales.

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Having a bicycle shop can be complex, considering that this field offers so many business opportunities and that sport is becoming more and more popular.

This is why it is essential to choose a good point-of-sale software that can improve and optimize the management of your business in order to offer a high quality service.

That’s why we present 9 essential features for your bike shop that you can read more about below.

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