Alice POS is the Best Cloud-Based Point of Sale for Beer Stores.

Alice POS hardware & PivoHub

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Powerful Features for Beer Stores


Disassembling Products

With Alice POS, you can sell beers in packs or by units. When you disassemble the products in our software, new SKUs are created. Give different prices for each SKU to suit your needs.

inventory control

Inventory Management

Track your store inventory in real time. According to the orders received and the transactions made, the inventory is automatically updated. Have unlimited inventory with no additional costs!


Bottle Deposits Management

Alice POS offers you the ability to manage bottle deposits for cans and bottles. The bottle deposit can be created and attached to the applicable products, allowing it to be added automatically to the invoice with the item and appearing on the customers invoice. If you need to submit reports to governing bodies with regards to bottle deposits for cans, you can export that report from Alice POS.

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Multi-Store Management

Do you own multiple stores? Alice POS is the best POS solution for you! Share inventories between stores, roll out promotions across the network and much more! Alice POS offers powerful features to make multi-store management much easier and efficient.

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PivoHub Catalogs Integration for Beer Stores


✓ Synchronize all PivoHub catalogs into Alice POS.

✓ Auto-generate orders made in PivoHub into Alice POS.

✓ Instantly convert your PivoHub orders into inventory in Alice POS.

✓ Synchronize distributors’ product info and images into Alice POS and E-commerce.

Learn all about integration with PivoHub.

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More Relevant Integrations for Beer Stores

integration pivohub

Synchronize Alice POS with its partners:

✓ E-commerce platforms: Shopify, WooCommerce and Ecwid

✓ Acomba

✓ Como Sense

✓ And more!

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Beer Stores Love Alice POS

Le Monde des Bières

"Alice POS is a point of sale software designed for our reality of craft beer stores owners. The company listens to our needs and we are building a long-lasting partnership with the team.

Le Monde des Bières currently has 4 stores working with Alice POS, and many products are frequently added to our inventory. The multi-store feature of Alice POS allows us to save 20 hours of work per week across all of our stores. Products are logged into the POS system and the information is forwarded to all locations instantly."

Joanie Bouchard
Le Monde des Bières

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Why is Alice POS the best point of sale solution for beer stores?

Alice POS provides excellent inventory management, improves your business efficiency and allows you to increase your revenues. Our software is retail oriented, making it ideal for beer stores. In Alice POS, you can disassemble products to create new SKUs and manage bottle deposits in your point of sale system.

What is the cost of the Alice POS software?

Our pricing varies according to your needs. With Alice POS, you get the best value on the market! Our powerful features are offered at very competitive prices, with no hidden fees. For more information on our prices, please visit our pricing page.

What can I do with the PivoHub integration?

PivoHub allows you to synchronize your orders in Alice POS while quickly transforming them into inventory. PivoHub also allows you to synchronize the distributors catalogs and import product pictures with the necessary information in your online store and in Alice POS. With the PivoHub integration, you can save time and money and make your job easier!

To learn more about the PivoHub online platform, please visit their website.

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