Why should I use POS system ?

A point-of-sale system is the central tech hub of your company where you can find sales management (invoices, customer files, reports, etc.), inventory management, and online sales management. 

A point of sale makes it possible to centralize part of your store’s operations, secure all your data and make your company management easier thanks to numerous key features, such as inventory control, customer management, cross-sales and more. A POS makes it possible to facilitate  better stock management. To learn more about inventory control systems, click here.

Point-of-sale software should be able to perform the following functions: 

  • In-store invoicing 
  • Generate detailed sales reports 
  • Manage and track inventory 
  • Provide information about store performance (reports) 
  • Manage customer information

Alice POS fulfils all these functions and much more! Click here to learn more about our features and what Alice POS can do for you. 

How much does Alice POS cost?

We have several competitive prices, and our first plan starts  at only $69/month (paid yearly). However, this price may vary depending on your needs and the needs of your company.

For networks and chains, such as franchises, purchasing groups or corporate networks, Alice POS offers a volume discount based on the size of your network and the number of stores that commit to using the software. It is therefore strongly suggested to contact our retail network management experts to discuss your needs and the features necessary for your business.

To learn more about the rates offered by Alice POS, visit our Pricing Section.


Does POS software and hardware need to be purchased from the same vendor?

Point-of-sale software and necessary hardware do not necessarily have to be purchased from the same supplier. Sometimes, the company provides  equipment and installation, while others opt for referring a local service, since local hardware providers offer more services. For example, Alice POS works with partners like Millenium Micro that offer local personalized IT services, such as computer and equipment repairs,  hardware support and installation,antivirus solutions, IP telephony and much more! 

Is an industry-specific POS system necessary?

It is recommended to look at the industries that a point of sale can serve. For example, some point-of-sale (POS) software is designed only for restaurants and hotels, while others specialize in retail stores only. 

As a result, not all point-of-sale systems are designed to meet the same needs. In other words, a POS for restaurants or hotels will have functionalities concerning the logistics of tables in the restaurant, rooms or manage reservations while points of sale for retail businesses will perform different functions. 

For retail businesses, it is best to look at all the features specific to your needs and those of your company. It is also relevant to ensure the security of your point of sale, the training that the software team can provide as well as the migration of your data from your old POD to your new one. Alice POS is designed to meet all the needs of a retail business and to perform all these functions and more. 

If you run a network or chain of stores,a point of sale designed for those specific needs  is particularly important. Indeed, if you have stores that are part of a chain like a franchise, it is necessary to have software adapted to this type of complex business. Alice POS’s core business is networks for example, and our  software can perform many functions specific to store networks, such as inter-store transfers, catalogue and price list management, and more in all your stores. 

Learn more about Alice POS’s network functions here.

Can I transfer my data from a current POS to a new POS software system?

With Alice POS, it is possible to transfer all your data from your old software to your new software, and we do it for you! The process is simple and secure and is done by our team. Indeed, our experts are here to support you throughout the implementation of your new point-of-sale software. Learn more about our migration process here.

Can I analyze customer data with Alice POS?

Alice POS creates customized sales and employee reports, to name a few, to allow you to track activities within your company. It is therefore possible to analyze customer data using our point-of-sale software. 

If you would like to know more, talk to one of our experts by filling out the form here.

Is it possible to operate the POS software from a home computer?

Yes, it is possible to use point-of-sale software from a personal computer if it is online on a platform accessible from anywhere. For Alice POS, it is possible to use the software on a personal, professional or Windows tablet computer.

Does Alice POS work on Mac or only with Windows?

Alice POS is designed to work only with Windows. However, some of our customers use an emulator, a software that bridges the gap between Macintosh and Windows, which works very well. It is therefore possible to use Mac and have this tool with Alice POS.  

Feel free to contact our team here to find out more about what Alice POS can do for you.

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