Here is a list of grants provided by different organizations across Canada. The resources on this page can be of assistance whether you are taking a digital shift, or require financial assistance due to COVID-19. A wide range of grants are listed below.

Our company’s mission is to offer you unparalleled service to help you modernize your retail business. It is therefore only natural for the Alice POS team to offer you assistance to support you in the expansion of your business as well as in more difficult times.

Financial Aid

The financial aid below are categorized according to different activities, don’t hesitate to consult the links in order to apply for one!



If you need assistance in setting up your project for a grant application or other financial request for your business, you can contact the reference below.

Guy Lebel, M.B.A.

514 246-8584,

Lebel Conseils’ mission is to provide decision-makers with the professional assistance they need to make informed decisions. In particular, there are many government programs that can support your investment projects. Whether we are talking about marketing, productivity, development, innovation or training, the entire team at Lebel Conseils will be pleased to accompany you in achieving your corporate goals.”