Ski Shops: 8 Strengths of an Excellent Point of Sale

Winter is the ideal time to take out your ski equipment and enjoy the cold weather. With the high season, ...
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alice pos retail sport

9 Key Sports Shops POS Features

"The sporting and athletic goods manufacturing industry exhibited sound growth in shipments, fuelled by increased domestic and export demand." (source) ...
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Adult Stores: 8 Strengths of An Excellent Point Of Sale For Your Store

Finding the right POS software for you and your adult shop is often a complex, but crucial process to ensure ...
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Presotea: New Alice POS Customer

Alice POS, a cloud-based point-of-sale software designed for multi-store retailers, is proud to welcome Presotea, a fresh tea beverage company ...
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8 Best POS Features for Music Stores

The musical instruments and supplies industry is constantly changing and evolving and it is essential to have excellent point-of-sale software ...
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9 Best POS Features for Bicycle Shops

Having a bicycle shop can be complex, considering that this field offers so many business opportunities and that sport is ...
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9 Strengths of an Excellent Point of Sale for Camera Stores

The choice of point-of-sale software can be complex. However, it is easy to find a supplier of a cloud-based point-of-sale ...
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What Are Inventory Management Systems?

Stock control in a warehouse is an essential element in the management of your business. Indeed, this allows you to ...
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Alice POS Official Partner of the Millenium Micro Group

Alice POS, a cloud point-of-sale solution designed for store networks such as franchises, chains, corporate buying groups as well as ...
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8 Best POS Features for Pet Stores

Many point-of-sale software products offer basic features that are suitable for a wide range of stores. With the advancement of ...
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Is Installing a New POS Safe?

When purchasing a new point-of-sale system, it is normal to have several fears and questions, especially regarding safety and its ...
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Better Customer Loyalty with Como Sense

Como Sense, a leading digital marketing platform that makes customer data actionable, is now integrated with Alice POS, a cloud-based ...
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9 Key Vape Shop POS Features

  Choosing an excellent point-of-sale software can sometimes be difficult, especially for vape stores. Indeed, you have to take into ...
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6 Essential Strengths of Omnichannel Retail

In 2013, only 13% of Canadian companies were selling on the Internet (source). This statistic is particularly disturbing, with 67% ...
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10 Tips to Ensure Top Notch Multi-Store Management

Multi-stores such as corporate chains, franchises, buying groups and networks of stores require particular management that does not necessarily apply ...
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The Future of Retail: NRF Retail’s Big Show

April 17th 2019 The National Retail Federation (NRF) has been helping retail thrive and excel for more than a century ...
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Customer Experience

15 Key Retail Customer Experience Statistics and How to Offer Exceptional Customer Experience

Customer experience and customer service have become top business priorities in 2019. Today, customers' perceptions of a business are no ...
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Loto-Québec modernizes its lottery kiosks with Alice POS

March 25th, 2019 Alice POS is a retail cloud point of sale solution, specifically designed for multi-site stores such as ...
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Alice POS is Expanding

March 4th, 2019 Alice moves to new offices! In 2015, SE2 (which develops the Alice POS software) joined Espace-Inc, which ...
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Multi-store POS Management

The Essentials of Multi-store Management in retail

March 13th, 2019 Managing any type of business is a challenge for all business owners and managers. Indeed, they must ...
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The 5 Stakes Experienced by the Sports Industry in 2019

January 18th, 2019 From January 14th to 16th, the Quebec Sport Industry Sales Rep Association (ARISQ) presented its long awaited ...
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