Are you wondering what are the best POS softwares for video game stores?

Your point of sale software must help you maximize your video game store profits and help you in your mission to serve your customers well. Several point of sale softwares are available on the market, but are they really specialized for your needs?

In this blog post, discover six point of sale softwares suitable for video game stores:

  1. Alice POS
  2. GameStart POS
  3. Thunder POS
  4. MicroBiz POS
  5. Bepoz
  6. GiftLogic
Rent & RepairsFidelity ProgramAdvanced ReportingPriceCharting IntegrationMulti-store
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GameSmart POSxxPartial
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The information in this article has been found on those companies’ websites, and this information is subject to change.

1. Alice POS

Alice POS offers a cloud-based point of sale solution designed for video game stores and store networks such as franchises or buying groups.

The software is designed to increase your income and save time while offering specific features  to video game stores since it was built for this industry at its core.

Pricing Plans

Alice POS pricing plans are varied and tailored to the specific demands of its customers. You can choose between four types of plans: Basic, Advanced, Premium and Enterprise. There is also a one-time fee of $500 which covers the start-up of the licence as well as the training for the implementation of the software.

To have access to the maximum profitable features for managing a video game store, you should favour the Premium plan at $250 CAD per month. This plan includes integration with PriceCharting, unlimited cash registers and integration to your online store! You also get the PriceCharting catalogue for free, which contains more than 40,000 products with photos and descriptions for your inventory.

Payment options are also possible in two ways: monthly or annually.

Customer Support

Technical support at Alice POS is available every weekday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on special requests every other day with the Advanced, Premium and Enterprise plans (by phone or with direct messaging). 

Knowledge Base

Alice POS knowledge base is available with all plans. This knowledge base is a self-help tool for users to learn how to navigate Alice POS and to be able to use the software to its full potential.

Features for Video Game Stores

Alice POS has several features suitable for video game stores: revenue-generating features (rental, repair, etc.), loyalty features, integration with PriceCharting and e-commerce platforms, and multi-store management.

Revenue Generating Features

Alice POS is not only a point of sale software, it is also a tool to increase your business revenue tenfold. The circular economy features as well as the customer loyalty features integrated into its system to allow for modernized and profitable sales.

To help you manage your video game store, Alice POS point of sale software offers features such as:

  • rental management;
  • repair management;
  • purchases and sales of used products;
  • product exchanges.

With these features, it is possible for you to increase your income with the help of Alice POS software.

Rental Management

Can your customers rent games and consoles from your store? Thanks to the rental management feature in Alice POS, you can track rentals directly in your point of sale software.

You can include notes, view statuses and manage rental billing easily in Alice POS.

Repair Management

If you offer a video game console repair service in your store, Alice POS can help you!

Manage statuses, add billable parts, easily see the customer’s desired pickup dates and more in this Alice POS module. With the unlimited number of checkouts offered from the Advanced plan, the repair station in the back store easily communicates all repair information with the checkout in the store. This makes it easy to give information to the customer.

Purchases and Sales of Used Products

In Alice POS, it is possible to assign a separate price for new and used items.

Also, with the serialized items option, you can give different prices to each item, depending on its condition. For example, you put a higher price on a used game that comes with the original box and a cheaper price on a used game that comes without a box.

You can also customize your prices when buying used items based on their condition.

Product Exchanges

A good way to retain your customers is to offer them the possibility of exchanging their used games and consoles for new products in your store.

In Alice POS, you can configure the value of items for exchange and offer store credits.

Customers’ Loyalty Features

To help you build customer loyalty, Alice POS software offers features like:

  • gift cards;
  • loyalty programs;
  • promotions.

These are managed directly in Alice POS. So you don’t need to use third-party apps!

Gift Cards

In Alice POS you can manage the creation of gift cards for your store. Easily reload an old card to avoid waste!

Also, gift cards created in Alice POS can be used in all stores of the same network.

Loyalty Programs

To thank your best customers, Alice POS allows you to create and manage a loyalty points program. Set it up the way you want: choose how much loyalty points are worth in your program.

If you are part of a store network, the loyalty program can be deployed in all branches.


Alice POS allows you to easily manage the products on sale in your store. You can choose the specific items that are on sale as well as the type of promotion you want to set up.


To make your job easier, Alice POS software integrates with several third-party applications like e-commerce platforms and PriceCharting.

Integrations With E-commerce

Alice POS software integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce and Ecwid. If you have an online store on one of these platforms, you can centralize your inventory management in Alice POS.

Indeed, your inventory is updated in real time according to physical and online sales. This saves you from selling the same item twice!

You can also deploy your promotions online and in-store at the same time.

Integration With PriceCharting

Since 2007, PriceCharting has been recognized worldwide as the ultimate reference tool in the video game industry for its list of games, consoles and accessories. In addition to providing all the titles that have been released on all consoles, from Atari to the PlayStation 5, PriceCharting displays the UPCs and images thereof.

You can see the evolution of the prices of each item, allowing you to buy or sell an item at the right price.

Alice POS fully integrates with PriceCharting. You can see the prices from PriceCharting directly in your POS software! Alice POS also indicates the level of accuracy of the value of the items according to the quantity sold.

With some plans, you also receive the PriceCharting product catalogue as a gift. This one includes over 40,000 products with photos and descriptions that you can use for your inventory!

Integrating PriceCharting with Alice POS can make your day-to-day management of your video game store easier.

Multi-Store Management for a Video Game Store

Alice POS software offers features for multi-store management. These allow inventory movements, synchronization of inventories and prices and much more! Alice POS is suitable for franchises and corporate chains to make it easier for managers.

Here are some multi-store features offered by Alice POS that would be useful for an owner of one or more video game stores:

  • master and sub-master accounts;
  • movement of inventory between stores;
  • management of multi-store promotions;
  • standardized pricing;
  • local products and prices;
  • advanced reports.

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2. GameStart POS

This point of sale software is developed by an American company (GameStart) which aims to help entrepreneurs set up a video game store. With this in mind, the Gamestart company has been developing its software according to the needs of its specific clientele for a few years now.

Pricing Plans

Subscriptions to GameSmart POS are made monthly, without a contract. You can decide to cancel the subscription each month. For more information about their pricing, please contact them directly. 

Features for Video Game Stores

The GameSmart POS software offers several features such as inventory transfers, membership or loyalty programs, pre-order management system and cloud data storage.

Integration for Video Game Stores

  • PriceCharting

The features and the integration offered by GameSmart POS are suitable for a video game store.

Contact them directly to find out more.

3. Thunder POS

Thunder POS point of sale software is a version adapted for video game stores by Extreme POS, a company founded in 2001 to meet the needs of video game, DVD and CD stores. This American company located in North Carolina offers its customers a functional point of sale software on Microsoft Windows.

Pricing Plans

To know their pricing plans, contact Thunder POS Extension Support directly.

Customer Support

Their customer support service is free for the first 90 days, but it reverts to $100 per store (for one call) after the 90 days are up.

Features for Video Game Stores

Since Thunder POS is a point of sale software specifically developed for video game stores, it is designed to provide features for this industry. Sale, resale, rental, inventory transfer, member profiles creation and advanced reports are all features that you can find in this software.

Integration for Video Game Stores

  • PriceCharting

Thunder POS software allows for a variety of uses thanks to its features optimized for the purchase, resale and rental of items that can be found in a video game store.

Contact them directly to find out more.

4. MicroBiz POS

This company, founded in New York in 1989, aims to offer business services tailored to several commercial industries. The point of sale software developed by MicroBiz POS is an all-in-one solution for its customers with its generalist formula.

Pricing Plans

The initial purchase for the single-user licence is $995. The price of these subscriptions for the licence is between $60/month or $600/year. Additional fees may apply if you have more than one cash register ($30/month or $300/year for each cash register).

To get access to software updates, you have to pay up to $850 per year or $230 per quarter.

Features for Video Game Stores

MicroBiz POS software specializes in multi-store management and everything that comes with it. This American point of sale is aimed at customers who have more than one store and who want to manage their stores using a central account. Access to advanced customer profile reports also allows better management of video game stores to adapt to the habits of different customers.


  • QuickBooks

This point of sale software will offer a suitable solution for owners of more than one store and will facilitate the internal and external management of video game stores thanks to the integration of accounting softwares such as QuickBooks.

Contact them directly to find out more.

5. Bepoz

Before being a point of sale software, Bepoz was an Australian company that was specialized in repairing cash registers since 1973. Since 2004, it is a company that has been developing a point of sale software suitable for multi-stores. It offers its services to businesses mainly from the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

Pricing Plans

To gain access to the point of sale software, Bepoz offers a $71/month plan for the monthly subscription, but access does not require the purchase of the licence. You can therefore decide whether or not this software is suitable for your needs since you will have a month of free trial with Bepoz.

Customer Support

The customer support service is available 7 days a week and is also free for Bepoz customers.

Features for Video Game Stores

Bepoz offers solutions that cater to owners of more than one store. Bepoz aims to increase the efficiency of video game stores by offering inventory management through a central account and allows transactions such as the purchase, resale, exchange and rental of video game items.


  • QuickBooks

With Bepoz, you will be able to manage more than one store thanks to its multi-store features, and you will also be able to benefit from the benefits of the circular economy with the purchase, sale, resale and rental.

Contact them directly to find out more.

6. GiftLogic

Based in Florida, GiftLogic has developed a point of sale software suitable for stores that want to take advantage of multi-channel communication between customers and their business. With Windows installed on a computer, you will have everything needed to work with GiftLogic point of sale software.

Pricing Plans

This POS software offers monthly subscriptions starting at $199 and the Pro upgrade for an additional $69. With GiftLogic, opening your licence is free.

Features for Video Game Stores

GiftLogic allows you to communicate with your customers thanks to its email and SMS marketing management. This point of sale software is suitable for video game stores and allows the integration of e-commerce platforms.


  • Shopify
  • QuickBooks

GiftLogic is a point of sale software that will help you maintain the relationship with your customers with its multi-channel features and you will be able to manage several aspects of your business with its advanced reports and integrations focused on accounting and e-commerce.

Contact them directly to find out more.

Before choosing the best POS software for your video game store, be sure to know what you need. A point of sale software that includes revenue-generating features, customer retention, use of the circular economy (sale, resale, exchange, consignment, rental, repair, etc.) and multi-store management features is a point of sale software tailored for the video game store industry. The integration of PriceCharting with a point of sale software is also advantageous for a store owner in this industry.

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