Having a point of sale system in your video game store can possibly bring many benefits to your business. That being said, with the size of your inventory and the high turnover in your store, a point of sale system could greatly help you being efficient and optimizing your sales. 

In the following article, we will present to you 10 benefits of purchasing a point of sale system for your video game store :

  1. Inventory management
  2. Customer order management
  3. Used product management
  4. Consignment 
  5. Cross-selling
  6. Buyback  and exchange
  7. Rental
  8. Subscriptions
  9. eCommerce 
  10. Advanced reports


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1. Inventory Management

The Video game industry and its great product variety can make inventory stocking complex when it comes to categorizing different games, determine the quantity, writing a description, and other inventory-related tasks. That being said, a point of sale system can greatly  help with taking inventory. 

Alice POS offers a simple and efficient inventory management. In fact, with Alice, you have access to real-time inventory. This facilitates tracking stock available in your store. To consult the products available in your store, you can simply scan your products when you receive a new order. You can then categorize each game in its own category considering its custom characteristics. 

Once your products are categorized, our system will automatically keep track of your sold and bought products. For instance, the system will update your inventory every time you sell or buy a particular game. This process greatly facilitates stocktaking. It allows you to save considerable amounts of time compared to manual stocktaking. Additionally, Alice POS can automatically order a certain quantity to optimize your profit based on your previous sales, thus reducing your shortage or your surplus. 

Furthermore, Alice POS is a cloud computing system. This characteristic is a great asset because it allows you to consult your data anywhere, anytime, while substantially increasing the security of your data.

To learn more about different inventory management systems, consult our article here.

2. Customer Order Management

It is possible that you receive requests from clients who wish to purchase a specific game, but that is not available in your inventory at the moment. Remembering and keeping track of these requests could be complicated if you have to take them manually or in bulk. 

Alice POS possesses a Customer order functionality. This functionality allows you to save clients requests and inform them when their game is available in your store. It is pretty easy to enter a client order with Alice POS. You simply scan the desired game and save it in the client’s folder in the Order section. When you receive the product, an employee can then consult the Order section and see that the desired game is available. 

The employee can now  contact the client to inform them of the game’s availability. This functionality could be useful to increase customer satisfaction. Staying in touch with clients can be  a great way of maintaining a good relationship with them while creating customer loyalty. With this functionality, you could potentially increase your income. 

To learn more about what Alice POS can do for you, contact one of our retail business experts here.

3. Used Product Management

It is possible that your store possesses used games. In this case, those games not only have different prices, but also a different condition than new games. That being said, you might have some problems managing used games in your inventory. 

With Alice POS, managing used articles allows you to distinguish your used games from your new games. Being aware of your product’s condition enables you to fix a fair price for each of them. Obviously, used games are usually less expensive and this can encourage customers to buy used games instead of new ones. Your store might end up increasing its income.

Besides, it may be easier to manage your inventory if you can distinguish which game is used and which is new.

4. Consignment

It is possible that clients would like to sell a game in your store. However, it is not certain that this game will be sold afterwards. That is why consignment turns out to be a great solution for both the seller and the buyer. 

Consignment consists of taking a client’s game and introducing it to your inventory. If someone buys the product, the profit will be shared between you and the client. You can determine a certain rate concerning the sale. For instance, the game is sold at $30 and you fixed a 70 % rate with the client. In this case, your store retrieves $21 while the client gets $9 back. 

Alice POS offers a functionality that allows you to obtain new sources of revenue for your store. Also, it is simple to identify your consigned games with the Alice system in order to manage your games and find them easily.

This functionality is particularly efficient for video game stores. To learn more about what Alice POS can do for your company, contact our team by filling this form.

5. Cross-selling

Suggesting products to your clients when they purchase an item can be useful to make sure they did not miss anything, or to ensure they discover new products which they did not think about. It is possible that a customer buys a product, but forgot a complimentary item that goes with their first purchase. Cross-selling can be useful in increasing your sales, but also your products’ visibility. 

With Alice POS, you can order products that are similar or complementary to your client’s products at the time of purchase. It is an excellent way to remind your clients about your products, but also to ensure they got everything they needed, while selling new products you suggested. For example, if a customer purchases a new screen, you could offer them an HDMI cord. That customer will tend to accept the offer due to the products consistency with one another and possibly the improvement of their gaming experience. 

Offering similar or complementary products to your customers allows you to give better customer service, increase the visibility of your products and ensure ongoing employee training.

Alice POS can help your video game store. To learn more about the details and Alice POS features, contact a member of our team by clicking on the button below.


6. Buyback and Exchange

It is possible that a client would like to sell games in your store, while your store is interested in buying those in order to sell them back. With Alice POS, you can easily buy and sell articles simultaneously with the Buyback and exchange feature. Also, Alice POS allows you to print the barcode and the product label to ensure putting it back quickly in your store.

With this functionality, you can quickly buy and sell a product from a client. For example, a client could desire selling a game in your store while purchasing another one. Alice POS is then the ideal tool to efficiently do so. Using the Buyback and exchange feature can help you increase transaction speed, reduce waiting lines and save your sales correctly in your system.

Also, with Alice POS, you have access to PriceCharting, which gathers information about over 45,000 video games, consoles and accessories. You are then able to compare your prices to the competition, while knowing at what price to sell, but especially to buy your products.

7. Rental

Offering rentals in a video game store is often an appreciated service, since clients can try and experience a game before purchasing it. On the other hand, it might get complicated to manage your rentals due to different elements like the renter’s name, the rental duration, the number of games rented, late fees and any other specificities of renting products. 

Alice POS offers a Rental functionality that allows you to manage your rentals more efficiently. Alice POS undeniably facilitates game rental control, allowing to consult all the details about this rental like the renter’s name, duration and late fees, to name a few. 

With this functionality, you can possibly increase your income and offer an improved customer service. It also allows you to avoid purchasing two pieces of software (one for rental and the other one as a point of sale) and therefore to centralize your management and reduce your fees.

For more information on what Alice POS can offer, contact one of our experts here.

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Learn How You Can Modernize Your Retail Business!

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   8. Loyalty Program

To reward your customer’s loyalty, you can offer membership cards to encourage them to keep visiting your store. Having a loyal clientele is a great advantage since keeping clients is easier, but above all less expensive than getting new ones. 

Alice POS possesses a Membership program functionality that allows you to personalize your memberships. You can choose amongst the following : discounts, exchange rates and the membership pricing, which can only be applied on used items for the moment. 

   9. eCommerce

Selling your games online turns out to be a great way of increasing your income and your store’s visibility. You can also track your clients, improve customer experience and much more ! eCommerce offers several opportunities which you can benefit from. 

With Alice POS, you can easily sell your products online. Alice POS is integrated with three platforms dedicated to eCommerce which are Ecwid, Shopify and WooCommerce. 

If you do not already have a website for your store, now might be a great time to start thinking about creating one. Our partners possess many resources to help you conceive the perfect website. We also offer the Ecwid eCommerce service.

To learn more about our partners, click here.

If you already have a website, you can synchronize Alice POS with any of the platforms above. Once your website is synchronized with a platform, you can manage your inventory and sales in one place via our API (for a fee) connection.

For more information about eCommerce, click on the following button.


10. Advanced Reports 

Being aware of your store balance sheet is an important asset for your company. It allows you to know about your store’s overall health, that is, its profitability. However, knowing that balance sheet requires different information and it can be a complicated process to gather such data. Alice POS is the ideal tool to learn about your sales and your different memberships. It also can give you information about purchases, inventory and even accounting. 

Those are a few examples of what Alice POS could do for you. 

Alice POS consolidates your store’s information and automatically creates reports. This functionality is greatly useful, since you can avoid manual written reports. Creating  reports manually is complex, but above all, a lot more risky. Also, it could be difficult to collect the relevant information for your reports.  

Once you own these reports, it is easier to analyze the information and eventually take well informed decisions for your company’s welfare. If you wish, you can consult the reports on a determined period. For example, you can ask mensual reports on your company activities with our Reports functionality.

Alice POS offers numerous useful functionalities for  retail. To learn more about what Alice POS could do for you, contact a member of our team by clicking on the following button.

Related Questions

How much does it cost to install a POS?

With Alice POS, the price you pay with your basic plan of $69/month paid yearly, standard plan of $135/month paid yearly or premium plan of $225/month paid yearly at the beginning includes all other services. That is why you do not have to worry about hidden fees or additional costs concerning the installation of your new POS system. The only thing you have to do is take a look at the options Alice POS can offer and go with what suits you best !

Does POS systems need Internet?

Most POS systems need an Internet connection, especially if you own more than one store in which you implemented your system. Since Alice POS uses the cloud to store your data, an Internet connection is required. Just make sure you have everything you need and you are ready to go !

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