Alice POS, a cloud point-of-sale solution designed for store networks such as franchises, chains, corporate buying groups as well as individual stores that want to expand, is now an official partner of Millenium Micro Group, a Quebec-based company with more than 260 affiliated computer resellers across Canada, and more than 300 points of service in total. 


The Millenium Micro Group offers a one-stop-shop for all merchants’ IT needs with the advantage of personalized local service. The services offered range from repairing computer equipment to setting up telephone support systems, selling cloud solutions, antivirus solutions, IP telephony, website creation, network cabling services and much more. Millenium Micro Group will be a major partner to locally serve Alice POS’s Canadian customer base through local IT partners.


This key partnership will enable the largest group of independent computer resellers to offer Alice POS, a state-of-the-art cloud-based point of sale, to the group’s corporate customers.  


“Millenium Micro Group is proud to partner with a solid and efficient point-of-sale solution. Alice POS represents a source of potential customers for us with regards to IT support contracts. We have everything we need to offer a range of complementary and necessary products to support Alice POS merchants.”

Marco Michaud, Vice-President of the Millenium Micro Group

If you are an Alice POS customer and have IT needs, feel free to check out this page on the Millenium Micro Group website.

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