Como Sense, a leading digital marketing platform that makes customer data actionable, is now integrated with Alice POS, a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS), offering the ability to drive business growth.

What is Como Sense? Como Sense is a suite of next-generation customer engagement and personalization solutions offering several marketing tools. Some of the tools Como offers include customer management, loyalty, actionable data, a custom mobile app, direct-to-consumer communication, connectivity, and marketing integrations.

This article has a look at some of the powerful features that are offered by Como Sense and how you can use them in tandem with Alice POS to provide a better customer experience and boost your sales with omnichannel marketing.

Personalized Loyalty Programs

Como Sense offers a wide range of ways for merchants to communicate loyalty incentives directly to their clients. From points, digital punch cards, personalized rewards, push notifications, gamification tools (scratch-and-win offers), cashback and more,  Alice POS makes cross-sales easy, and Como adds an extra layer to such offers allowing for brand and business cross-promotions. Como can provide customers rewards for social sharing, allowing you to broaden your social audience at a very low cost.

Customer Management

With Como, all of your customer’s marketing data is centralized for all of your store locations. So if your client visits a store in one location, they will be recognized as the same customer in another location. When linked to Alice POS, it becomes a powerful feature made for merchants with multi-store retail chains, franchises, and networks.

Customers can register for Como via a custom branded website, mobile app, email, SMS, while ordering via Alice POS or directly within a control panel. The merchant can create custom profiles for regrouping customers with different attributes. The platform also enables automation, saving copious amounts of time and eliminating some risks of human error.

Actionable Data

Como Sense provides merchants with a dashboard full of actionable data. This interface consists of the central hub of marketing business intelligence from target customers, highly detailed reports, trends and more. From this dashboard, you can profile customers, make changes based on analytics, find trends for growth and new customer segments. The platform provides insights and automated suggestions to improve customer experience and boost sales.

You can see what your customers are buying, reach out to them if they have not come in for a while, send promotions for things they like to buy, and generally engage with customers in a more personalized way. Knowing their preferences will allow you to engage with them more personally and greatly improve their experience with your business.

Give Como a try! Alice POS is fully integrated with Como. Talk to one of our retail experts to learn more.

Branded Mobile App

Como comes with a branded mobile app allowing you to communicate directly with customers to showcase your product catalogue, provide multi-location info and navigation, provide personalized offers, a variety of mobile payment methods, and digital rewards. This multi-channel communication tool seamlessly integrates with the POS, allowing for true omnichannel commerce.

Multichannel Communication

Communicate with customers via SMS, push, pop-up messages and notifications. Como also allows merchants to geotarget customers, receive feedback via surveys, and integrate with third-party email marketing tools. Como Sense seamlessly integrates with Alice POS and a wide variety of payment methods.

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