Finding the right POS software for you and your adult shop is often a complex but crucial process to ensure excellent store management. It is therefore important to be familiar with the strengths of point of sale software before making the right choice. 

What are some features to have in a point of sale for an adult store? Here are the 8 strengths of excellent point-of-sale software to ensure exemplary management of your adult product business:

  1. Safety and Security 
  2. Detailed Customer Files 
  3. Advanced Roles and Access
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Suggested Minimum Inventory Quantities
  6. Cloud Solution 
  7. eCommerce
  8. Rentals

Many point of sale companies are offering various options, but you should know your needs and the needs of your business before choosing the right point of sale system. Read on to learn more about some features that are useful in your adult store.

1. Safety and Security

Data security in your business is an important aspect that should not be overlooked. An adult store may present certain risks such as theft of objects or aggressive or even violent customers. Your point of sale can assist you in documenting these exceptional but real cases. 

You can take note of customers who are no longer welcome in the shop with detailed customer files and the option to add photos. Of course, your point of sale itself must be secure and up to date. Alice POS offers several layers of security including two-factor user authentication and complex passwords.

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2. Detailed Customer File

This feature is particularly useful when it comes to recording customer information or other relevant information that is only available to you. For example, thanks to detailed customer records, it is useful to write some information about a consumer in internal notes, visible only to members of your company. Therefore, the customer can not see these notes and does not have access to the detailed customer file. 

Internal notes are also used to simply write a reminder to the employee, directly into a client’s file, whether to apply a discount or an upcoming refund, for example.

Alice POS offers the possibility to make internal notes and define certain customer profiles (e. g. “VIP” customers) in a subtle and detailed way. With Alice POS, it is also possible to add photos in the customer file and write internal notes, which allows you to have a much more complete and detailed customer file.

3. Advanced Roles and Access

Point of sale software with advanced roles and access for users is beneficial to adult shops. Indeed, increased management of user access, such as the ability to modify user access or quickly disable users as administrators, are key security elements. This means you can keep control over who can change or access certain confidential information in your adult store.

Some software, such as Alice POS, a cloud-based point of sale solution that propels retailers into the modern era, offer the possibility of two-factor authentication. For example, two key pieces of information are required for a user to access the system and modify the content. 

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4. Inventory Management

By choosing point-of-sale software for your adult store that has excellent inventory management, you can always keep your inventory up to date, saving you money and time. An excellent inventory control system can be used in independent retail stores or multi-stores, such as franchises, corporate networks or purchasing groups. For example, computerized tracking ensures better management of your store by compiling, processing, reporting and analyzing data through integrated systems. Point-of-sale software, such as Alice POS, meets exactly this need in terms of computerized inventory management. 

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5. Suggested Minimum Inventory Quantity

This point parallels the point we have just explained, namely inventory management. Indeed, by benefiting from a very accurate tracking of your stocks thanks to excellent point of sale software, such as Alice POS, it can make automatic or manual suggestions of the minimum quantities to have in stock according to your purchase history. In other words, a good point of sale system will offer ideal quantities to stock depending on which products are selling best or worst to optimize your sales. Therefore, it is possible to track your adult store sales closely and manage your serialized or quantity products.

Thanks to these features offered by Alice POS, you will no longer have to worry about missing items, forgetting or manually updating your inventory. Benefit from automated tracking with Alice POS now.

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6. Cloud Solution

It is essential to adapt to rapid technological change. Point of sale software offering a cloud computing solution is therefore essential for the proper management of your business(es). With this feature, you can manage your business and continue your activities, wherever you are and at any time of the day. With cloud software, it is possible to access your data remotely, whether you are out of town or in the comfort of your home. 

A cloud solution is also an advantage when it comes to protecting your data. Indeed, cloud software presents a much lower risk of significant information loss due to natural forces, such as a flood or a major fire. This allows the merchant to centralize their information since the service provider performs many automatic backups.

Alice POS, a state-of-the-art cloud computing system, offers this option. To find out more about what Alice POS can do for you, click here.

7. eCommerce

For your adult store to work properly and efficiently, your online and in-store sales must be synched. If you do not do this, you will more than likely double your inventory management time and expenses. Whether you own a large network, a small company or an independent business, it is possible to benefit from e-commerce.

Synchronize Alice POS with your online sales to centralize and organize all your orders and benefit from simplified integrations. Contact us for more information.

8. Rental Management (of Films)

Managing adult film rentals is another element that should not be overlooked for an adult store. Indeed, when it comes to choosing the right point-of-sale software, you must ensure that it fulfills the function of renting to customers if it is a service you offer or would like to offer. Without an all-in-one solution, you will need two software packages to do this. An all-in-one point, such as Alice POS, also offers to track the rental of adult movies. You will be able to track rentals, returns and even late fees. It is therefore important to have all-in-one software that offers this function in your business, if not you will have to pay for two programs and manage inventory twice.

Related Questions

Is a cloud-based point of sale safe?

In general, the implementation of a new cloud-based point of sale is safe. Indeed, there are many features and integrated software to ensure the protection and increased security of your confidential data and information.

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Does a point of sale system need the Internet? 

In most cases, a point of sale software that offers the cloud function requires an Internet connection to work. However, an important aspect to consider before choosing point-of-sale software is to check if it offers the offline option, a feature that allows your point of sale to operate and record your data even if an Internet failure occurs or something unexpected happens.

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