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Alice POS is a cloud-based retail point of sale solution designed for multi-site stores such as franchises, corporate chains or buying groups, as well as individual stores that have the ambition to expand. 

Alice POS is built to increase revenue and save time while offering multi-store specific features such as inter-store inventory transfers, standardized network pricing, and advanced reports. Easily synch online and in-store sales with Alice eCommerce.

Alice POS, is the all-in-one solution that can manage billing, customers, inventory, repairs, rentals, customer orders, trade-ins, cross-sales, memberships, gift cards, and more. Alice POS connects network stores to allow them to save a significant amount of time and increase their revenue.

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Company History

In 1996, Charles Beaupré, Alice POS’ CEO, opened his first Dimension store in Canada. He was passionately involved in the community for 18 years and assisted over 16 E3 Trade Shows.

With a network of stores, Charles needed software that could facilitate franchise management, inter-store transfers, manage a central product catalog, price list, network promotions and more. 

The video game industry also required the ability to manage used products, but also to rent, repair, deposit and monitor serialized products (unique identifiers).

After searching far and wide, Charles could not find a network or franchise software that could manage his specific network and feature needs. He therefore turned to a lifelong friend, François Côté. François is a seasoned developer and took on the challenge to create amazing software. Alice POS was thus created by Charles Beaupré and François Côté, co-founder and CTO of the company SE2 Inc.

A few years later, Charles’ network of stores was bought by what was then the largest network of video game stores in North America. Charles and François decided to market Alice POS and make this unique technology available to other networks in need of suitable software.

Today, Alice POS is a state-of-the-art cloud point-of-sale software that has store networks such as franchises and corporate chains as its core business.

Corporate Opportunities

Learn more about SE2 Inc’s financial support, press releases, key partners, resellers and referrers. If you would like to join our team, check out our job opportunities or get in touch with us below.

Financial Partners proud to be financially backed by strong financial partners such as Anges Quebec, Anges Quebec Capital, BDC, and Sherbrooke Innopole.

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Resellers are certified businesses allowed to resell Alice POS. They are IT specialists with the advantage of personalized local service, offering cloud solutions, hardware and much more. Referrers consist in anyone who wants to refer Alice POS for a profit if the referred customer becomes a client. Learn more about these programs, and our terms and conditions by getting in touch with our team.

At Alice POS, we work with a number of key partners, from resellers to API integrations allowing our merchants to benefit from excellent service. Resellers offer local service such as hardware, physical POS installation, setup and more. API integrations allow our users to connect to a variety of other retail software tools such as eCommerce and marketing solutions. Learn more by clicking on the button below.

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We are a dynamic, welcoming and passionate team that offers an inclusive and open space where lifelong learning and human growth are key. Joining the Alice POS team means living with passion and strength for a common goal: delivering flawless software that meets the needs of customers.

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