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Alice POS is built for multi-stores like franchises and corporate buying groups and corporate networks.

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Alice POS is a powerful solution for single store owners looking for an all-inclusive POS.

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Three Languages

Alice POS is available in English, French and Spanish

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Built for growth, Alice POS is an extremely powerful, all-in-one, cloud based Point-of-Sale solution. Manage your: invoices , contacts, supplier purchases, inventory, online sales, reports, stores, and much more, all in one place.


Thanks to partnerships, Alice POS offers customized solutions designed to increase sales and optimize business operations to help your business prosper.

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“The point of sale (POS) management software that we’ve integrated in our lottery kiosks was designed specifically with our needs in mind. Alice POS helped us to efficiently train employees assigned to points of sale managed by non-profit organizations throughout Québec. It was vital that we be able to operate some of the system’s features ourselves, but also be able to rely on a supplier for all the necessary support.”

Sylvain Henri, Director Retail Sales

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Batteries Expert

“[The team’s greatest strengths are their] willingness to work with partners to better the solution; an excellent ability to listen and understand intricacies in the day to day real life business processes, and ability to move forward in adapting the solution to our needs.”

Michael Grilli, Director
Batteries Expert

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" Alice POS offers excellent service, constant and quick development, a simple platform multiple workflow tools, a fast system, the ability to have several stations and sessions open at the same time, and many other things. There are no limits is to development possibilities! "

Patrick Léveillé, Owner
Pronature Terrebonne

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